Indoor Ladies 100UP

Round 1
Challenge by 01/12/19
Play by 15/12/19
Round 2
Challenge by 19/01/20
Play by 02/02/20
Semi Final
Challenge by 01/03/20
Play by 15/03/20

4th / 5th April
BYEChritine UphillGill Harrisson 103/67Gill Harrisson 103/67
Sue GregoryGill Harrisson 101/39
Gill Harrisson
Jean HunterAndrea Lean w/oVal Rowe 102/86
Andrea Lean
Shirley WhiteVal Rowe 106/104
Val Rowe
Sue LammasSue Lammas 107/43Jane Seymour 103/87
Carol Horstead
Jane SeymourJane Seymour 101/99
Jackie Barlow
Linda WebbLinda Webb 105/45Linda Webb 100/70
Yvonne Russell
Val BurgessVal Burgess 105/75
Pat Bentley

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