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Weds 3rd NovemberMen -v- Surrey President14.00H6
Sat 6th NovemberMen’s Denny Cup -v- Lewisham CONCEDED TO CBC9.45H/A
Sat 6th NovemberLadies’ Yetton Plate R1 (EIBA)9.45H/A2W
Sat 6th NovemberMixed Friendly -v- Sutton & District 14.00H
Sun 7th NovemberMixed -v- Met Police CANCELLED14.00H
Tues 9th NovemberMen’s O/60 Double Rink (EIBA) 10.00H/A2
Weds 10th NovemberMixed -v- Shirley Park14.00H
Thurs 11th NovemberLadies -v- Sutton IBC (SELL)14.00A3W
Fri 12th NovemberMixed Drive10.00H
Sat 13th NovemberMen -v- Camberley League Match14.00A3
Sat 13th NovemberMen -v- London Parks CANCELLED 14.00H
Sun 14th NovemberEgham Trophy R29.45H/A2
Sun 14th NovemberMixed -v- HSBC CANCELLED 14.00H
Thurs 18th NovemberLadies -v- Old Coulsdon (friendly)14.00H2G
Sat 20th NovemberMen’s Denny Cup (EIBA)9.45H/A2
Sat 20th NovemberLadies Yetton Plate R2 (EIBA)9.45H/A2G
Sat 20th NovemberMixed Friendly -v- Carshalton BC14.00H3
Sun 21st NovemberClub Open Day – Children in Need10.00H
Weds 24th NovemberMixed -v- Mole Valley (ESML)14.00H3
Sat 27th NovemberMen -v- Sutton IBC League Match14.00A3
Sun 28th NovemberMen -v- Crystal Palace14.00A
Tues 30th NovemberSCIBA – Herts. (DHMT) CANCELLED 14.00H6
Tues 30th NovemberMen’s O/60 Double Rink (EIBA) 2
Weds 1st DecemberMixed -v- Old Coulsdon ESML14.00H3
Fri 3rd DecemberChristmas Quiz Night19.30
Sat 4th DecemberMen -v- Donyngs IBC (SL) POSTPONED14.00H3
Sun 5th DecemberCharity Day – Children in Need10.00H6
Mon 6th DecemberChristmas Lunch14.00
Weds 8th DecemberMixed -v- Banks14.00H
Fri 10th DecemberCarol Concert19.30
Fri 10th DecemberLadies’ Mason Trophy (EIBA)9.45H/A2
Sat 11th DecemberMen’s Denny Cup (EIBA)9.45H/A2
Sat 11th DecemberMixed -v- Ken Shopland14.00H
Mon 13th DecemberChristmas Dinner18.00
Tues 14th DecemberMen’s O60 Double Rink (EIBA) 10.00H2
Tues 14th DecemberLadies -v- Donyngs IBC (SELL)14.00H3W
Fri 17th DecemberGrand Christmas Draw18.00
Fri 17th DecemberFace the Music Christmas Dance19.30
Sun 19th DecemberMixed -v- Temple14.00H3
Sun 1st JanuaryCLUB CLOSED
Weds 5th JanuaryMixed -v- Mole Valley (ESML)14.00H3
Sat 8th JanuaryMen’s Denny Cup (EIBA)9.45H2
Sat 8th JanuaryMixed -v- Crystal Palace14.00H3
Tues 11th JanuaryMen’s 060 Double Rink (EIBA) 10.00H/A2
Weds 12th JanuaryMixed -v- Donyngs IBC (ESML)14.00H3
Thurs 13th JanuaryLadies -v- King George Field10.30A3
Sat 15th JanuaryMen -v- King George Field (League)14.00H3
Sun 16th JanuaryU25 Surrey -v- U25 Essex9.45H3
Sun 16th JanuaryMen -v- Egham IBC (League)14.00H3
Tues 18th JanuaryLadies -v-SCWIBA Patrons14.00H4
Thurs 20th JanuaryMixed -v- Sutton IBC (ESML)14.00H3
Fri 21st JanuaryLadies’ Mason Trophy (EIBA)9.45H/A2
Sat 22nd JanuaryMen -v- Camberley (League)14.00H3
Mon 24th JanuaryLadies -v- Purley Sports14.00H3
Fri 28th JanuaryLadies Drawn Triples competition10.00-14.00
Sat 29th JanuaryMen’s Denny Cup QF (EIBA)
Sat 29th JanuaryMen -v- Sutton IBC (League)14.00H3
Sun 30th JanuaryMen -v- Egham IBC (League)14.00A3
Sun 30th JanuaryMixed -v- TempleA3
Sat 5th FebruaryMen -v- Mole Valley (SL)14.00H3
Sun 6th FebruaryMixed -v- London Parks14.00H3
Tues 8th February Ladies -v- Shirley Park (Triples)14.00H3
Tues 8th February Men’s O60 Double Rink (EIBA) 9.45H2
Sat 12th February Mixed -v- Carshalton BC14.00H
Sat 12th February Men’s Denny Cup SF (EIBA)9.45
Weds 16th February Mixed -v- Sutton IBC (ESML)14.00A3
Fri 18th February Ladies’ Mason Trophy R4 (EIBA)9.45H/A2
Fri 18th February Ladies’ Drawn Triples competition10.00-14.00
Sat 19th February Men -v- Old Coulsdon (SL)14.00A3
Tues 22nd February Ladies -v- Sutton IBC (SELL)14.00H3
Thurs 24th FebruaryLadies -v- Old Coulsdon friendly14.00A2
Sun 27th February Men -v- Mole Valley (SL)14.00A3
MARCH 2022
Thurs 3rd MarchLadies -v- Carshalton (Triples)14.00H3
Fri 4th March Ladies’ Mason Trophy (EIBA)
Sat 5h March Mixed -v- West Wickham (Triples)14.00H5
Sun 6th March Men -v- Donyngs IBC (SL)14.00A3
Sun 6th March Surrey U25 -v- Hampshire U259.45H3
Mon 7th March BEMBRIDGE BOWLS TOUR (until Fri 11th)
Tues 8th March Men’s O60 Double Rink (EIBA) QF
Tues 8th March Ladies -v- King George Field IBC – 3/4 rinks10.30H4
Weds 9th March Mixed -v- Sutton & District14.00H3
Thurs 10th March Ladies -v- Mole Valley IBC (SELL)14.00H3
Fri 11th March Ladies’ Mason Trophy QF (EIBA)
Sat 12th March Men -v- Wey Valley IBC14.00H3
Sat 12th March Men’s Denny Cup SF (EIBA)
Sun 13th March Men -v- King George Field14.00A3
Wed 14th March Surrey Mixed Execs -v- Croydon IBC14.00H6
Sat 19th March Sutton & District -v- Ken Shopland14.00H
Sun 20th March Surrey County Finals10.00
Weds 23rd March SCIBA President’s Day14.00H6
Weds 23rd MarchMixed League -v- Old Coulsdon (ESML)14.00A3
Sat 26th March London Civil Service -v- Sutton & District14.00H
Sat 26th March Mixed -v- King George Fields IBC14.00A3
Sun 27th March Mixed -v- London Scots – 4/6 rinks14.00H4/6
Weds 30th March Mixed League -v- Donyngs IBC (ESML)14.00A3
Thurs 31st March Ladies -v- Temple (triples)14.30A2
APRIL 2022
Sat 2nd AprilLadies -v- Mole Valley IBC (SELL)14.30A3
Sun 3rd April Men -v- Wey Valley14.00A3
Fri 8th April Men’s O60 Double Rink SF (EIBA)
Fri 8th April Ladies’ Mason Trophy SF (EIBA)
Sat 9th April Men’s O60 Double Rink Final (EIBA)
Sat 9th April Ladies’ Mason Trophy Final (EIBA)
Sat 9th April CLUB FINALS DAY10.00H
Sun 10th April CLUB FINALS DAY 10.00H
Weds 14th April Mixed -v- London Civil Service BA14.00H3
Mon 18th AprilLadies -v- Crystal Palace14.00H3
Thurs 21st AprilLadies -v- Temple (Triples)14.00H2

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