Newsletter – February 2021

President’s Report

Hi everybody. I am so delighted to hear that so many of you have had your jabs.

Maintenance has been ongoing for our return to our bowling and the greens are looking super.  How lucky we are to have Steve, thank you.

I am sure you are all looking forward to returning, not only for the regular exercise but back with our friends.

Board members are now in a position to continue getting the Club ready for the onslaught.

We are still in need of a Works Director, Membership Secretary and Secretary.  Any Member interested please contact me on 8657 7916 or email

More hands make light work.  I look forward to hearing from you.

You will all be notified in the near future as to how and when we can ALL return to Croydon and enjoy our sport.

My Best Wishes are sent to everyone.  Nearly there.


Editor’s Note

Another “lock-down” newsletter! Never mind – we seem to be nearing the end of the tunnel with hope for the future on the horizon! You will note that all sections have been busy fixing dates for games and social events in anticipation of an end (albeit, with restrictions, maybe) for the latter half of the year.

It goes without saying we hope everyone will return to their bowls soon. Your committees are eager to return and provide members with the companionship and sociality we all enjoy in our sport.

We hope to have more positive news in March – so keep watching for any updates.

Please note some of these items were submitted before the Prime Minister’s speech on 22.2.21. Any further updates will be relayed to you as soon as firm arrangements for opening the Club are made.



to Steve (greenkeeper) and his wife Sarah on the birth of a bouncing baby daughter – Daisy born on 29th January. A sister for Archie, Oscar and Zachary. Our best wishes go to Steve and his family!

To all Bowling Members.

You will be looking forward now to the club reopening and everything returning to normal. Well, we are at least a step nearer to being able to open the outdoor greens sometime in April as usual. We will notify you as soon as we have an exact date from Rick Long (Green’s Director).

At the moment we have NO official details as to what the conditions for reopening will look like.

I will be holding a meeting shortly with the Ladies and Men’s Captains to go over outdoor arrangements.  Following that meeting a letter will be circulated to all bowling members.

Paul Baker
Bowls Director

Greens’ Report

Work never stops! – Rick is a constant at the Club and together with Dave Warrington and Mick has ensured that the heating is maintained and everything continues to be in working order. The flat is now ready to accept a tenancy and the rear gates are in the process of being repaired. They have also solved a problem with locating a hidden water meter! Thanks to you both!

Taking into consideration what the government dictates and what the weather throws at us, Steve and Rick hope to have the B Green ready for 2nd April – watch this space for further updates!

Obo Rick Long
Green’s Director


Since our January newsletter I imagine the majority of us, both ladies and gentlemen have had the 1st Vaccination and those who had theirs in December, when the programme was rolled out, many of you will have had their 2nd vaccination. Whether it was the Pfizer or the Oxford Astra Zeneca it is all such good news and our escape route to getting back to ‘normal’ life again soon. Great praise to the scientists and of course the NHS and all the volunteers who have made this possible. What an achievement!

Ladies Indoor Bowling

our Match Secretary Jean Hunter is working away contacting other clubs to arrange the Fixture List for the 2021/22 season and Sue Lammas, our Competition Secretary, is preparing the Competition information too.

I urge everyone to come back to Croydon Bowls Club as soon as it is possible for us to do so, not only for our wellbeing/health/exercise/pleasure of Bowling/competiveness/social contact but to support our club which badly needs our membership. Just imagine bowling outside in the summer sunshine how lovely that will be.

It is almost a year confined to our homes which probably hasn’t been good for many of us, so please come back and encourage your friends and neighbours to come and have a taster with a view to joining our Club.

Stay safe everyone, and remember Space/Wash Hands/Wear face mask.

Kay Cadd
Ladies Indoor Captain

Ladies Outdoor Season

Hi Everyone, 

I will be your Ladies Captain for the outdoor season and I look forward to seeing you in the sunshine on the greens.  For those of you who don’t know me, I was captain in 2012 and acting captain in 2019.  Assuming the restrictions are lifted before May, we can look forward to matches and competitions with other clubs throughout the season. 

All being well we intend to have a combined AGM and pre-season meeting in April and I look forward to meeting up with you then. I will let you know the exact date in the March newsletter.  Of course, at the present time, we do not know when the club is opening but it looks promising as most of us will have had our second vaccines by May.

 I would like to thank Jean Capell (who is retiring from the committee and bowls) for all her hard work and help over the years and wish her well in the future.

Pat Bentley
Ladies Outdoor Captain.

Men’s Indoor Season 2020/2021

I trust all our members are keeping well and safe and, where applicable, have had their Covid Jab as I have. No doubt most members, like me, are getting fed up at having to remain indoors. However, the indicated outlook looks good with the hope of a measured reduction in current restrictions. Hopefully we shall be able to play competitive bowls come October, and when we are allowed, the men’s indoor committee will meet with a view to discussing and putting into place a programme for the indoor season. This is all dependent on the number of members that renew their indoor membership!

Peter Duncan our Match Secretary, however, is already working on fixtures and has produced a draft fixture list.

I am sure we all hope that Barry Swannie the Men’s Outdoor Captain will be allowed to organise a full outdoor programme as we move back to some form of normality – we wish him every success.

In the meantime please stay safe, obey the rules and I look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future on the green.

Bill Hudson
Men’s Indoor Captain

Men’s Outdoor Season 2021

Anticipation is once again building. Optimism is in the air – that’s all very well if you are returning to school

fairly soon. Boris Johnson has said he will be focusing on data and not dates when it comes to the easing of England’s coronavirus lockdown.  So, we remain patient and hopefully not become one!

With the anticipation that most of our members would have had both vaccinations by the end of April, we could all start now to think about returning to our Club. All of our valued members will be welcomed back after the year-long break. 

As your Outdoor Captain this year I would like to have the problem of team selection for the upcoming fixtures. By that I mean there would be too many of our members putting themselves forward for selection.

With my company Treasurer’s hat on, I can report that I have been claiming all of the support grants on offer and negotiating some cost savings. This has somewhat helped the Club’s finances during lockdown, but our great Club will not survive unless it has a ‘healthy’ membership base. This has been declining now for some time. All of us should try to encourage friends, neighbours and youngsters to participate in what is a social and competitive sport as well as getting the benefit from daily exercise.

The Club is looking at different ways to encourage new membership and any ideas or views on this would be very welcome. I am looking forward to the time when we can all meet together once more, old as well as new members, be it on the greens or in the bar. I hope that you will join us

Barry Swannie
Outdoor Captain

I realize that some of you will not be able to return this form, so will you email your entries to Barry Swannie at as soon as possible please. Pay me later.

200 club       Congratulations!


 £100 –  Colin Kiddy        £70   –   Daphne Lye             £30    –    Daphne Lye

Just for the record Daphne has donated back her prizes!!! Thanks Daffers

Bar, Catering & Social

In anticipation of the Social section re-opening towards the end of the year (hopefully sooner), your Social section have tentatively booked the following events:

August 13th – Lee Rivers BAND – this will be a new format which we know you will enjoy.

September 17th  – Ian Gallagher – and our black tie event

October  22nd – Tina Turner experience with Julie Nevada

November 19th  – Race Night

More events are planned for November and  December; Christmas Bazaar, Carol Concert and Face the Music.

Watch this space!!

We have been in regular contact with Sam and Norman who are both very keen to promote other events once we are able. We shall be looking to continue our quizzes, games evenings, special lunches etc. etc. so there is a lot to look forward to, and boy, have we got a lot of catching up to do!!!

Obviously these events will rely on government regulations and restrictions –

but at least some planning is being championed….

Look out for updates in our newsletter.

Alan Hart/Yvonne Russell
Bar & Catering /Social Directors

I am sure many music lovers of a certain age will remember the song “When Will I See You Again?” A number one hit for the Three Degrees in 1974. Well, theatre-goers, until I listened to the Prime Minsters statement I couldn’t answer that question and as far as our theatre trip to see “Pretty Woman” schedule for 19th May goes, I still can’t answer that question!

Whilst theatres will open on 17th May they will be subject to capacity rules. As an example, a theatre with a capacity of 4000 or under will be subject to a restriction of 50% capacity. The Piccadilly Theatre has a capacity of 1232. Previously all the performances for this musical were fully booked so this would indicate that the production company may have to extend the number of performances or refund 50% of those people that have booked to go.

Getting back to possible life as we once knew it is very much on the top of most people’s wish list. It is certainly on mine, I want to see Croydon Bowling Club reopen with all the facilities it has to offer all up and running. I want the club to lay the foundations that will see the club continue and thrive for many a year to come.

So I am on the case, I will be talking to our theatre agent today, and will let you all know as soon as possible if we are still on for “Another Great Night Out” on Wednesday 19th May.

Stay safe, stay well and get the JAB!

John Hilton

Warner’s – Isle of Wight

Bembridge Bowls Tour 2022

For all those people who had signed up for the Bembridge Tour this year, you will by now have been told that the trip has been cancelled, and monies are being returned.

Chris and I had said we would help out Tina and Doug for the coach trip and the hotel for this year (2021), and having now looked at the paperwork passed over by Tina, we have decided that we will try and run the trip for next year (2022).

We hope that everyone who had their names down for this year will still be interested, Covid permitting, in coming with us next year.

A form is enclosed at the end of this letter to register your interest so that we have an idea of numbers.  Please complete and return with a £30 per person deposit cheque made payable to          C. Wood.

We do not have all the details yet from Warner’s but usually the Tour is early March.

Stay safe everyone.
Carole & Chris Pullen

Please return to:  Carole Pullen, 10 Willoughby Ave, Beddington, Surrey CR0 4QN

Email:                                        Tel:  02083952378

A Bit of Fun – Theatre Quiz Answers

  1. Which long-running West End musical was written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone                      The book of Mormon
  2. Jean Valjean, Fantine and Javert are characters from which musical?   Les Miserables
  3. Which musical tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers? Hamilton
  4. What is the name of the musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Spamalot
  5. What musical features the song “Memory”? Cats
  6. For which animated musical film did Sir Elton John win an Academy Award for Best Original Song? Lion King
  7. What classic musical features a girl named Kim who falls in love with a soldier? Miss Saigon
  8. What group’s music is featured in “Mamma Mia!”? Abba
  9. “If I Were a Rich Man”? is from which musical? Fiddler on the roof
  10. “The Time Warp” and “Sweet Transvestite” are songs from which cult musical? The Rocky Horror Show
  11. Which musical tells the story of two drag queens and a transgender woman who are contracted to perform a drag show at Alice Springs? Priscilla Queen of the Dessert
  12. “If My Friends Could See Me Now” is a song from which musical? Sweet Charity
  13. The Jets and the Sharks battle in which Broadway adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet” West Side Story
  14. Which musical is set among the students at New York’s High School for the Performing Arts? Fame
  15. The lyrics, “You are sixteen, going on seventeen” are from which musical? Sound of Music
  16. What type of shop was the Little Shop of Horrors? Florist
  17. Which show about Danny and Sandy was made into a film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John?                    Grease
  18. ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’, ‘The Rain In Spain’ and ‘Get Me to the Church on Time’, are all songs from which musical? My Fair Lady
  19. In which musical does overweight teenager Tracy Turnblad break the mould when she auditions to dance on The Corny Collins Show? Hairspray
  20. What is referred to as “the Scottish Play” by thespians? Macbeth
  21. What is the longest-running musical on West End? Les Miserables
  22. Kiss me Kate is a musical version of which Shakespeare play? Taming of the Shrew
  23. In which town or city is the Royal Shakespeare Company based? Stratford upon Avon
  24. The name of which road in Manhattan is used widely as the name for the heart of the American theatre industry? Broadway
  25. What name is given to the room in a theatre that functions as awaiting room and lounge for the performers? Green Room
  26. Which musical tells the story of a lounge singer placed in protective custody in a San Francisco convent? Sister Act
  27. Major Metcalf, Detective Sergeant Trotter and Mollie Ralston all feature in which play by Agatha Christie? The Mousetrap
  28. A Cabriole is a movement in which type of dance? Ballet
  29. Who wrote the play “The Night of the Iguana?” Tennessee Williams
  30. In which city is Madame Butterfly set? Nagasaki
  31. In which musical will you find the characters Rusty, Poppa, Greaseball and Electra? Starlight Express
  32. In 2018 whose ashes were laid to rest under the London Palladiums stage? Sir Bruce Forsyth
  33. What superstitious alternative is used in the theatre to wish someone good luck? Break a Leg
  34. The play the Matchmaker formed the basis for which musical? Hello Dolly
  35. In which musical would you find the character Norma Desmond? Sunset Boulevard
  36. Which Sheffield theatre hosts the snooker World Championships each year? The Crucible
  37. Who was the Drury Lane Theatre Manager who started a famous Club? David Garrick
  38. Why should there always be a light on in a temporarily closed theatre? Traditionally, to enable the theatre ghost to see so s/he doesn’t knock over the furniture 
  39. Finish the famous Shakespeare stage direction with an animal: “Exit, pursued by a ………” Bear

“The crocus of hope is poking through the frost and spring is on its way both literally and metaphorically”


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