Newsletter – January 2020

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President's Report

Hi everybody.

I hope you all had a good Christmas. I will take this opportunity of wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year from myself and the Board of Directors.

Our AGM is on 3rd FEBRUARY at 7.00 pm. I wish to stress that all members should take this Meeting very seriously and attend if at all possible. You will be advised of not only the financial position but also the lack of membership we have at the present time. Some of you, I am sure, can come up with ideas that would solve these problems, which we as Board Members would appreciate. This club is run by volunteers, members who wish to see Croydon thriving for a good many years to come and You could make all the difference by joining the Board for 2020/21.

You could be co-opted on after the Meeting if you wish to bite the bullet here and now, getting to know how the Club ticks.

At this Meeting we will be looking at Members putting themselves forward to make a full team running the Club and not fragmented as we have been since Easter. It has been very hard and we have spent many hours to keep the Club running as smoothly as possible. We have been without a Finance Director, Development Director, Bowls Director and a Company Secretary during this period but would take this opportunity of thanking Tina Welsh and Gill Harrisson for holding the fort. There are Nomination Forms in the foyer and a list of Directors required. You will notice there are names on the list but this does not mean you cannot apply for that particular section. If there are two names for one Directorship there will be a vote on the evening of the AGM.

The Christmas Tree Cards sending a one off Seasonal Greeting to all members was successful and brought in £228.00 which will be shared and sent to St Christopher’s Hospice and St Rachael’s Hospice. Thank you.



Monday 3rd February 7.00 pm

If you have anything to say – say it then!

Your attendance and support is crucial.


Are you computer savvy?

The club needs some online volunteers to be responsible for updating certain parts of the clubs website as well as other social media platforms such as Instagram, twitter and Facebook.

For the club website, these volunteers could be responsible for different areas like updating the results pages, or the monthly newsletters, etc. all of these systems can be updated from any location (not limited to the club) so they can be updated whilst at home.

For the social media, these volunteers would ideally be comfortable with a smart phone as virtually all postings would require an accompanying photo(s) and this is usually easier to manage via a smart phone.

Each social media account would be setup by the club – NOT the individual who will be using it. This way the club has ownership of these accounts.

These tasks are not arduous but would need volunteers prepared to put the time in, assistance can be given.

The club needs to provide an online presence in the current environment. Members have already been recruited from the site – so it is very important. Our website does get lots of hits but we do need for it to be up to date and maintained.

For further information, please speak to Alan Hart.

Sale of Old-Style Shirts (Ladies)

Following the introduction of our new uniform, we will be selling off the old-style shirts at £5 each. These may be worn when playing in leagues and for roll-ups, but not Club matches. The shirts will be put out on the sales table by the Indoor Office, and all money should be put in the secure money box on the wall. Sue Lammas

Ladies Indoor Competitions

All the draws have now been made and the competitions are off and running.

The competition lists are situated in 3 areas: – the ladies locker room, on the Competitions Board by the Indoor Office and also on the web site.

Please remember that this year we have included a ‘Challenge By’ date as well as a ‘Play By’ date.

Results should be put in the Competitions box by the Indoor Office, and I will regularly update the draw sheets.

Good Luck Ladies.

Sue Lammas
Competitions Secretary

Men's Indoor

Since the last newsletter we have exited the Denny Plate and L&SC Shield and lost 2 of our last Surrey leagues matches both to Egham, we have however, won all our friendlies and beat Donyngs in the Surrey league.

Next season there are some changes to the Surrey League rules, matches can now be played on Saturday and Sundays in either the morning or afternoon and on a Wednesday afternoon. The matches must also be organised on dates that do not clash with National competitions i.e. Denny Cup, Liberty Trophy etc. There are also on -going discussions at County Executive level regarding Surrey County Competitions and I can report that from next season all our members will be responsible for paying their own entry fees in all indoor county competitions.

We are still having trouble in getting members to play in club matches, which entails a great deal of time and effort, and many, many hours for the match Captains trying to get members to play. So please put you names down on the match sheets. If the current apathy continues then the club may well find it very difficult to get anyone to take on these positions next season, so
you’ve been warned.

Bill Hudson
Men’s Indoor Captain

Club Men's Indoor Competitions

The Men’s Club Indoor Competitions for this season have been running well with very few problems for me to deal with so far and I thank you for that. The club website will be updated at the end of this month so please make sure your games are complete. If you have a legitimate problem for not playing make sure you speak to me and only me if you need any more time?

We are now at the stage of the season where triples start causing problems I cannot help anyone here so please get these games played or be prepared to concede to your opposition.

I really don’t want to make uncomfortable decisions by taking teams out of the club competitions but games being delayed create problems for other members and this has a roll on effect so for the sake of the finals being played on the weekend of April 4th & 5th it is something that I will have no hesitation in doing if necessary. So look at the play by dates get them in the book and adhere to them.

Allen Banks
Men’s Indoor Competition Secretary
(M) 07810000568 (H) 02086531357

EIBA & Surrey Indoor Competitions

Entry forms will be going in the usual boxes in the corridor by the men’s changing room shortly so you will have plenty of time to get your teams sorted for next season.

Allen Banks
Men’s Indoor Competition Secretary
(M) 07810000568
(H) 02086531357

Come Along to the Saturday Mixed Aggregate

At 11.45 50p a session

Money Prizes!!

Chris Uphill

Pump Up the Greens!!

Do you realise that the dregs of the bar – i.e. the residue from the pumps etc., are being re-cycled as fertiliser for the greens. This has been an experiment which those responsible for the Greens are conducting.

There is no truth in the rumour that Steve and Rick are doing this in the hope that the grass will come up “half-cut”!!!

Social Section

What a busy December! Thanks to all the members of the Social Committee – they really did pull out all the stops in December to ensure you had a variety of activities and events:

Recent Events

CHRISTMAS QUIZ – 29th November

Yet again, Maggie came up trumps – we have a little bit more room in the bar and managed to squeeze in 13 teams of quizzers. Everyone enjoyed the evening, as usual. The next quiz is planned for 21st February – so put it in your diary.

CHRISTMAS DINNER - (Restaurant Event)

The hall was well and truly decked out for this occasion and the food presented by the Restaurant and Bar was excellent!

Well done to Norman, Luke and all the helpers who made this event such a success.

The Grand Christmas Raffle

Raised over £700 a full list of prizes (all claimed) was published on the notice board – congratulations to all those who won and a big thanks to those who assisted, contributed and supported your Club.

CHRISTMAS DANCE – Face the Music – 13th December

Another great evening of songs from your favourite group. We make no apology for asking them back each year – everyone had such a great time.

FESTIVE SONGS – 20th December

It was with great pleasure that our singers were, once again, able to put on our “Festive Songs” in aid of charity this year.

Grateful thanks go to Rose and Jane together with our marvellous pianist who made this a wonderful evening. After we had sung our hearts out and watched a very entertaining sketch from Marion, Kay and Jane we tucked into mince pies and Sherry which were provided by the Social Section.

I must say CBC has a lot of un-tapped talent!!!
Well done ladies!!!!! – and gents.

Our guest from the Garwood Foundation was able to take away a donation for £373 which I am sure will help them in their invaluable contribution to those local people who need it most.

The objects of the Garwood Foundation are to promote the care, welfare interest, treatment and advancement of education of adults and children having cerebral palsy and other profound, multiple, acquired or other disabilities, particularly those living in Croydon, Sutton and Bromley,


Santa certainly has been busy at the Bowling Club this year – he made another appearance with his helper at our breakfast. Santa was fantastic, talking to all the children, young and old who all enjoyed one of Luke’s hearty breakfasts.

The children were enthralled and I hope they enjoyed their early presents.

Thanks Luke and thanks Santa and his helper!!!!


A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped or contributed. Without you it couldn’t be done.

We raised just shy of £1300 for the Club
Which is a great result.


ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU for all your contributions and patronage. In 2019 £1,200 was
Raised making the total since the Table was introduced in May 2017 £3,359

Please keep your donations coming what is not used here is saved for Raffles or the next Xmas Bazaar.

I can arrange collection if necessary (Marion Branch)


The Old Tyme Music Hall held at the beginning of November was a roaring success. The West Wickham Operatic Society led us in old time songs and it was surprising how many of us knew all the words.

Some of us were quite shocked by the escapologist and a few of the jokes were cringe-worthy. (Worse than Tony’s!) Everyone had a good time, enjoyed a tasty buffet and went home with songs in their hearts. A very social event.

Bingo – once again John (even with a sore throat) hosted a very successful Bingo night – look out for the next one.

Bazaar – 23rd November

And again, Marion’s Marvellous Christmas Market was a stonking success. Father Christmas arrived with a sack full of sweeties and stayed for the entire market!!!! Thanks Santa.

All the volunteers went home exhausted – but it was well worth it as they raised over £1,280.00
for your Club.

Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Marion and her organisers. (She is already planning for next year’s event!!!). Members owe a lot to these people who give their time and energy to help the Club.

If you couldn’t make it – don’t forget there are still opportunities to buy Christmas raffle tickets from any Committee member and to see Santa at our breakfast on 23rd December.

Everything raised at these events goes directly to the Club!!!

Forthcoming Events

Around the club

Michael Laikin

An afternoon of fascinating facts and reminiscences with the former antiques roadshow star.

Something different – members bought along a variety of antiques and collectables, including a vintage bus ticket punch and tickets, a Dalton biscuit barrel and many more. Michael gave a talk about his experiences and gave us lots of interesting facts on the history of various collectables.

Altogether a most interesting afternoon…….and scrummy cakes and tea!

We would have loved to have seen more members but those who attended certainly were entertained.

Friday Drive/Brunch

The next Drive/Brunch is on Friday 24th January so put your name down on the list.

Don’t forget that ‘Drives’ can go ahead on the other Friday’s when nothing else has been booked.

Bridge Club

The Bridge Club meets in the committee room every Wednesday at 1.45 pm, normally about 12 people are in attendance cost is £1.00.  Play is from 2.00 pm till 4.00pm.

Beginners are not accepted, players are expected to be at a basic ACOL level – sorry – tuition is not available, however,  if you are interested in joining please contact

Maureen Lyons on 0208 686 4507.

Do you know about Friday evenings?

Everyone is welcome to join in for a drink, games. Friday evening from about 6 p.m. (if there is no other social event on in the Club). If you have a favourite game, bring it along.

We would love to see you. – Why not give it a try?

Talk to Tony Boyer for details.

Darts League

The league plays on a Tuesday evening from 8.00 pm onwards.

If you are interested please contact Luke at the club or email him on


If anyone fancies a game of Snooker, just a knock- about game. You can contact me by putting your contact details in the Snooker room by the door, I will get back to you ASAP.

Alan Whittlesey on 0208 776 0074


The restaurant opening times for the winter season are Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Saturday and Sunday will be dependent on what events are on in the club on those days.

If the restaurant is not open tea and coffee can be obtained from the bar. Should the bar not be open you can make your drinks in the restaurant and use the honesty box provided on top of the fridge. Snacks are also available.

Luke Griffin

Put your names down now!

January Games

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Please put your names down – That’s what it’s all about!!

200 Club Monthly Draw

All fundraising keeps your membership fees down and helps pay our bills – which are always going up!

If you haven’t already bought a certificate or you would like to buy another one (or two) you will find the application form in the foyer with all the details. So come and join the club.

You have to be in it to win it.

Thank you once again for supporting the 200 club draw

200 Club Monthly Draw


                £100       No  19438        Eugene McDonagh

                £  70        No  20104        Val Tedder

                £  30        No  19746        Jane Seymour


                £100       No  19934        Chris McCarthy

                £  70        No  20034        Tricia Wright

                £  30        No  19754        Shirley White




Tina Welsh – Draw Manager


17th February 2020 12.00 – 4.00

Willmatters LLP will visit Croydon Bowls Club on 17th February 2020 from 12 noon onwards. Sally O’Brien will give a short talk about the pro’s and cons of making your Will and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney. You are very welcome to join the discussion and have coffee and cake free of charge.

Appointments on a one-to-one basis to discuss individual concerns or worries can be made at this meeting or before by calling 07742 2874672. Appointments are usually carried out in your home and the first appointment is free of charge with no obligation to proceed.

Best regards
Sally O’Brien

If you have any contacts with local advertising please let us know

Contact Alan Hart on 0777 2022 156
Or email

2020 Social Diary

7th February – Abba Chique – 8.00 pm

Britain’s number one Abba tribute band tickets are selling fast – get your now.
£15 members £20 non-members

Get your teams together for another brain teaser

21st February – Maggies Spring Quiz 7.30 for 8.00pm

Happy New Year and welcome to another exciting programme of theatre trips.

This year our first outing is to the Dominion Theatre with its enormous stage and over 2000 seats to see the amazing production of “The Prince of Egypt.” This all singing and dancing musical with a cast of hundreds is on Wednesday
26th February. If you have booked to go look out for your seating information in your pigeon hole.

On 13th May we are celebrating 10 years of theatre trips with “High Tea” at the Brown’s in St Martins Lane after which we cross the road to Coliseum Theatre to see the musical comedy “Hairspray” starring Michael Ball.

Just a reminder for those that booked for “Hairspray” If you have a balance to pay I would like payment by no later than 31st January please. Many thanks.

Plans for the second half of the year subject to getting a good deal on the tickets include “The Drifters Girl” based on the early struggles of the group to find fame. A musical that includes many of their greatest hits. Starring the fabulous Beverley Knight as the group’s manager. Also Pretty Woman the Musical based on the award winning 1990 film that
starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere.

John Hilton.

Any suggestions for outings or events for 2020 are most welcome

Please obtain details and talk to any of the Social Committee.

Any suggestions for outings or events for 2020 are most welcome – please obtain details and talk to any of the Social Committee.
Any comments or entries for the Newsletter? Please send to Alan or me,

Any anecdotes/stories, games played, photos, fixtures etc.

I hope you enjoyed this months contributions



Forthcoming events

7th February – Abba Chique – music & entertainment with Abba tribute band

17th February – “Will matters” afternoon presentation 12.00

21st February – Maggie’s Quiz 7.30 for 8.00pm

26th February – “The Prince of Egypt” at the Dominion Theatre

27th March – Bingo

3rd April – The Mersey Legends

24th April – Maggie’s Quiz

7th May – VE day Celebrations with Master of Ceremonies Mickie Driver

13th May – Hairspray (theatre trip)

21st June – Outdoor Open day

17th July – Quiz


Can you distribute some of these leaflets to your local supermarket/shops/doctors/hospitals/libraries?
In fact anywhere.
See Yvonne/Alan for copies or just take
Some from the table in the foyer……please!


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