Newsletter – January 2021

President’s Report

HI everybody –  I am keeping you up to date on the progress of flat 2.  The flat has now been redecorated in the kitchen and bathroom, the carpets cleaned throughout by Rick Long and Co. making it ready for new tenants.

Estate Agents are part of the lockdown and can only show the flat by Video.  This has been done and we can only wait for any interested parties to come forward.  Our Agent is well aware we wish the rental to be ASAP.  I’m sure they will do their level best.

With our hands tied at the moment we are unable to give time factors on a return to our beloved club I can only hope, for all of us, to meet up sooner than later, in the meantime I wish you a Happier 2021 and please keep safe.


Editor’s Note

Here we are again, the Christmas decorations packed away, left-over turkey eaten and Christmas pudding a memory until next year. We hope that you all had a Merry Christmas despite all the restrictions we have had to endure. One ray of hope is that you will be getting your vaccine soon, if you have not already had it!!

We now wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Your committees have lots of plans made for 2021, we hope your New Year resolutions include staying loyal and looking forward to bowling again.

Your Committees are still working hard behind the scenes to keep everything running and let’s hope we can open before Easter. We have had a few problems during lockdown – maintenance still has to go on, but hopefully we have managed to sort all these things out now. The work of the Club still has to go on and thanks again are passed on to those who have been working over the lockdown period to keep the Club safe, viable and in good working order ready for our return.

Bowls England are planning a countrywide Open Day for bowls which is planned for the weekend 28th May – 31st May, so everyone is keeping optimistic. It will be good to see our fellow clubs supporting each-other and seeing what they are planning for this nationwide event. We will keep you up to date.

There is obviously not much to report in this first edition of 2021. I know many of you are keeping in touch with each-other by email and telephone – so that is the purpose of this newsletter – just to remind you we are thinking of you all and looking forward to resuming some sort of normality!


It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Brian Medhurst on 18th December, his 81st birthday. Brian was always willing to lend a hand and will be missed by everyone who knew him. Our condolences go to his wife and family.

Please note these obituaries are only included with the permission of families involved.

Looking to the future Planning an Open Day!!!

Bowls England have announced that they will be providing guidance for a Spring Bank Holiday national recruitment drive over the weekend 28th May – 31st May. This is in conjunction with the Surrey County Bowling Association.

Obviously, this event will only be held if it can be done in a covid secure manner, and Bowls England have put back- up plans in place should there be an issue with the date.

Bowls England are going to be supporting this imitative with a national media campaign. I am planning to form a committee from Croydon members to support this event. If you are interested, please contact me with your ideas.

As you will be aware, we have run open days in the past and they have been a great success, recruiting new members and giving a boost to the Club. At this stage we would like all club members to be aware of the weekend, further details will be announced in the next newsletter. 

We would like to place as many electronic adverts as we can before the event. I would ask you to forward any suggestions you may have to Alan Hart at Similarly if you have ideas of where we can place publicity adverts and would be willing to do so, please forward details.

Obviously one good way to promote this weekend would be to come along to the club to support the event, and bring a friend with you. If you have any other suggestions or would like to help with the organisation re the weekend please let me know!

Tony Goucher
07958  615618
Please telephone after 7.00 pm

To all the Ladies,

I wish all Club Members both Ladies and Gentlemen, albeit late a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

We had such expectations for a better 2021 but sadly it isn’t to be for the time being…but the good news is that the vaccines are ‘rolling’ out and I hope that by the time the Newsletter is published many of you Ladies and Gentlemen will have had your Injection. It is hoped that the majority of us in the next target group will have had ours by the middle of February.

It is hard to imagine when things will start to return to some form of normal life but we must be positive and I sincerely hope that it will be sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile we must keep safe and eventually our Club will re-open and we can all meet again and play bowls.

Kay Cadd
Ladies Indoor Captain

Ladies Competitions

Sadly, all the Ladies competitions for 2020/2021 indoor season have been cancelled in line with the Government Coronavirus guidelines. I am hopeful that we will be able to resume competitions at the beginning of next season.

Sue Lammas
Ladies Indoor Competitions Secretary


Hi girls. Not much happening at the moment as you can guess. However, we are hoping the Ladies of Croydon (TLC) competitions will be going ahead and some information will be on Facebook soon and will also be e-mailed out, if we have your details.

We also hope the Surrey competitions will be going ahead. I hope all those who wanted to play have put their entries in. We now wait for the restrictions to lift. All County officers will continue in office for the 2021 season so I hope we can give Charlotte Emmanuel a good second term.

I look forward to seeing you all at the club as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep safe.

Gill Long

Men’s Indoor Season 2020/2021

Due to the current Government Regulations there will be No Men’s Indoor Competitions played this current Season.

Allen Banks
Mens’ Indoor Competition Secretary

Bill Hudson

Well this season has been a non-event due to this dreadful virus and it seems it is unlikely that any competitive bowling will take place between now and the end of April. Hopefully next season we will be able to run a full programme of league and friendly matches as well as competitions and internal league matches, but of course that all depends on the state of the virus and any government restrictions, so at the moment we cannot give any actual info only hopes.

Our committee were also sorry to learn of the passing of Barry Barrett our assistant internal league secretary and internal league captain, Peter R. Smith, ex 2 times Men’s Indoor Captain and Brian Medhurst, an active member of the club, we send our sincere condolences to their family and friends.

Finally we would like to wish all our members a happy, healthy and Covid free 2021 and ask you all to follow the rules and stay safe and stay well.

Mens’ Indoor Captain

Bowls Director‘s Report

Greetings to you all, trusting you are keeping safe and possibly following the indoor Bowls World Championships at Potters BBC2 and iPlayer.

It has been a difficult time for us all with NO competitive bowling in or outdoors during 2020 and so far 2021 is following on. We will be ready to re-open once the government relax the lockdown, hopefully in time for the start of the outdoor season in April.

Since lockdown the directors have been adjusting their responsibilities in order to keep the club ready to re-open when we are allowed to. One change was responsibility for the security of the club which Daphne ask me to take on. Many changes have happened over 2020 regarding our security we have CCTV in place, also an updated alarm system. With this in mind, I would ask you all to remember, when the club is closed and the alarm set you cannot gain entrance to the club by using the key pad. If you try to enter and then shake the door you may set off the alarm. Each time this happens we could be faced with a call-out charge as the alarm has to be reset and someone has to attend the scene in case a burglar is on the premises. Please help us avoid these call out charges and if you need to enter the club contact me and IF IT IS A VALID REASON I will arrange to give you access. (at this time collecting bowls is NOT a valid reason)

In the meantime stay safe and keep fit ready for a return to Club, County and National bowling.

Paul A Baker
Bowls Director

Barry’s Had It!

Last week I received a text to say that I should expect a call from my clinic to arrange

a vaccination date. Within 2 days I received that call. Two days later the ‘jab’ was administered. Didn’t feel a thing. (No, Alan, I am not over 80)

I was so overwhelmed by the professionalism shown by the NHS team – from reception through to vaccination

– 5 minutes. It must be the greatest free ‘institution’ on earth.

We should not underestimate the work and dedication of all staff – especially those on the front line. How can we really show appreciation for such bravery and commitment? A handclap or two is hardly enough.

Barry Swannie

Greens’ Director’s Report

During the lock down we have still managed to find plenty of jobs to do. The empty flat needed both the bathroom and kitchen redecorated. Once this was completed we had all the carpets cleaned so that it is ready to occupy. The agents are working on this. Dave Warrington and I also kept ourselves busy installing a new telephone line to the club offices. The fence by the rear car park was broken and has now been replaced.

Once we are able to open again, and in the spring we will need some help getting hedges cut and preparing the outside areas. I will be looking for volunteers later.

Steve, as usual, is working hard on the greens, which are looking pretty good and he is confident they will be amongst the best in the county, if not the country.

Best wishes to Steve and his wife Sarah, who are expecting their daughter any time now!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and are looking forward to the club opening again soon.

Rick Long
Greens’ Director

Theatre News                    

John is keeping a watchful eye out for any news regarding the theatres, but at the moment there is nothing going on! The theatres are not advertising any new musicals for 2021. Pretty Woman is still on for 19th May, however they may not have time for rehearsals if the pandemic continues beyond March. John will keep you all informed – have no fear.             

To keep you going, have a look at the Theatre Quiz we have compiled… prizes, but a bit of fun.

Bar, Catering & Social

We managed to get three Christmas dinners in before the Christmas lockdown– thanks to Sam and her team – we are all looking forward to a very special feast when we are allowed to open again.

The replacement dishwasher was a great boon to Sam – and Mick and Rick managed to get it installed it before the dinners took place!!!!

Thanks to everyone who supported these events.

Norman has had to put the bar into lockdown, this involves putting “guardian” in the lines to stop bacteria forming. He also attends the Club regularly to check that there are no leaks, fridges are ok, and there is no flooding in the cooler room. Thanks Norman!

You may have noticed the Club smelled sweeter!!!

We are pleased to announce that the club have recruited a new cleaning company “OCD”. We hope they will be more efficient (and cost less), they will be cleaning the club seven days a week, normally between 6.00 and 8.00 am

OCD embarked on a major clean of the club before we opened in December but unfortunately lockdown meant this could not be completely finished. They will be back with us when we re-open and we plan to do a major “tidy up” as soon as we are able. This will include tidying the Men’s changing room, the Visitor’s changing room and the snooker room – we will be asking for your help when the time comes!!!

Alan Hart/Yvonne Russell
Bar & Catering Director/Social Director

200 club



 £100 –  Tom Kiddy        £70   –   Rudi Weakes             £30    –    Ruby Bowdrey

Please give Alan a ring (0777 2022156) and we will arrange for your prize to be made available.

Monies donated from the printed Christmas messages totalled

£  215.00

Cheques have been sent to the Alzheimer’s charity

and the Garwood Foundation

Thanks for your generosity…….

25th January – Burns Night – The people of Scotland honour their greatest poet, Robert Burns. He was born on 25th January approximately 250 years ago (1759) and wrote his first song when he was sixteen. A traditional Scottish meal is neaps (swede), tatties (potato) and haggis washed down with whisky.

We wish all our Scots members a happy Burns Night……………………hic!!

A Bit of Fun – Theatre Quiz
  1. Which long-running West End musical was written by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone?
  2. Jean Valjean, Fantine and Javert are characters from which musical?
  3. Which musical tells the story of one of America’s founding fathers?
  4. What is the name of the musical based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail?
  5. What musical features the song “Memory”?
  6. For which animated musical film did Sir Elton John win an Academy Award for Best Original Song?
  7. What classic musical features a girl named Kim who falls in love with a soldier?
  8. What group’s music is featured in “Mamma Mia!”?
  9. “If I Were a Rich Man”? is from which musical?
  10. “The Time Warp” and “Sweet Transvestite” are songs from which cult musical?
  11. Which musical tells the story of two drag queens and a transgender woman who are contracted to perform a drag show at Alice Springs?
  12. “If My Friends Could See Me Now” is a song from which musical?
  13. The Jets and the Sharks battle in which Broadway adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet”
  14. Which musical is set among the students at New York’s High School for the Performing Arts?
  15. The lyrics, “You are sixteen, going on seventeen” are from which musical?
  16. What type of shop was the Little Shop of Horrors?
  17. Which show about Danny and Sandy was made into a film with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John?
  18. ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’, ‘The Rain In Spain’ and ‘Get Me to the Church on Time’, are all songs from which musical?
  19. In which musical does overweight teenager Tracy Turnblad break the mould when she auditions to dance on The Corny Collins Show?
  20. What is referred to as “the Scottish Play” by thespians?
  21. What is the longest-running musical on West End?
  22. Kiss me Kate is a musical version of which Shakespeare play?
  23. In which town or city is the Royal Shakespeare Company based?
  24. The name of which road in Manhattan is used widely as the name for the heart of the American theatre industry?
  25. What name is given to the room in a theatre that functions as awaiting room and lounge for the performers?
  26. Which musical tells the story of a lounge singer placed in protective custody in a San Francisco convent?
  27. Major Metcalf, Detective Sergeant Trotter and Mollie Ralston all feature in which play by Agatha Christie?
  28. A Cabriole is a movement in which type of dance?
  29. Who wrote the play “The Night of the Iguana?”
  30. In which city is Madame Butterfly set?
  31. In which musical will you find the characters Rusty, Poppa, Greaseball and Electra?
  32. In 2018 whose ashes were laid to rest under the London Palladiums stage?
  33. What superstitious alternative is used in the theatre to wish someone good luck?
  34. The play the Matchmaker formed the basis for which musical?
  35. In which musical would you find the character Norma Desmond?
  36. Which Sheffield theatre hosts the snooker World Championships each year?
  37. Who was the Drury Lane Theatre Manager who started a famous Club?
  38. Why should there always be a light on in a temporarily closed theatre?
  39. Finish the famous Shakespeare stage direction with an animal: “Exit, pursued by a ………”

How many did you get? – see next newsletter for answers!!!


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