Newsletter – June 2020

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It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of three of our members.

Sadly we record the passing of Frank Cook, on 28th May after a short illness. Frank had been a member of the club for a long time, both indoor and outdoor. The Club sends its condolences to Hilary, daughter Jackie and Frank’s sons, Russell and Michael.


Bob Reeve died on Thursday 11th June.

Bob used to bowl a lot with his dad Joe, once his dad died, Bob used to roll up mostly on his own. 

In recent years, Bob only came to the club a couple of times a year when his wife used to visit her sister,he and his wife moved to the coast about 8 years ago. Joan & Gerry DeSouza used to roll up with him and his dad.

A lot of the older members will probably remember him.


We are also sad to announce the passing of long time member Eugene McDonagh.  Over the last few years Eugene organised the Tuesday and Thursday men’s drives. The Club send its sincere condolences to Eugene’s family and friends

Rest in Peace.

President's Report

Hi everybody, yes we have opened the outdoor greens and pleased to see those Bowling for the past week are enjoying themselves, in fact 77 of you graced our greens.   Thankyou.  I would like to stress the 2 metre rule between players is still to be adhered to and is being ignored by some members. 

We have put all safety measures into place for your own safety.  Continue enjoying your bowls as the weather is going to get better and better for you.  We, at CBC are using government rules which have been circulated to you all as you picked up your bowls and email.

I would like to congratulate Steve on behalf of us all for the greens he has worked on over the past months.  They are a credit to you Steve, thanks.

We must also congratulate Christina Savage who has during lockdown been keeping the garden shipshape.  It is a credit to you and looks beautiful and we thank you very much.  Keep up the good work!!!!

Our new alarm system is up and running with cameras covering all nooks and crannies which keeps the Club safe during this lockdown and the future.

New doors for Steve’s lockup will be replaced soon, also the Corbet Shelter door.

C Green has been looked at with a view to installing Petange, it has passed that it would be a good site and of course help with income as it is becoming very popular.  The Board will be discussing the possibility further.  Watch this space.

There are some members who haven’t paid their fees, until these are paid you cannot bowl, and with the better weather and we hope a relax in the number of players we can have per rink we could be looking at a bit of competition between us.

Finally I would like to thank our volunteers who are marshalling our sessions- Tony Goucher, Jane Seymour, Kay Cadd, Tony Rowland, Pat Bentley Brian Medhurst – Jean Hunter and Paul Baker for Rink Allocations.  Without our volunteers we would not be able to keep our Club up and running.  My heartfelt thanks.

All keep smiling and keep safe and let’s hope we will all be together soon and remember what each of us look like!!


Greens Report

Now that some of you have started bowling, I am hoping that you are finding the greens up to their usual standard. Steve, as usual, has been working as hard as ever to ensure they were ready for you when the lockdown was eased.

With fewer than usual people bowling, the greens will take longer than normal to get up to speed, but Steve is rolling the greens more often to try and get a reasonable speed as early as possible.

Please give the marshals all the help you can as they are giving up a lot of time to ensure those who want to can bowl. As the lockdown eases, I am sure we will soon be able to allow more people to use the facilities and enjoy their bowling.

 I look forward to seeing some of you at the club when allowed.

Rick Long
Greens Director

Behind the Scenes – ongoing works

We have discovered a problem with the windows and doors to the Corbett shelter which needed attention. In fact one of the windows slipped because it was rotten! An emergency repair was necessary whilst we obtain quotes for replacements.

As Daphne mentioned, the new alarm system, after a few teething problems, is now ok and working well.

It has become necessary to change the utility meters in the flats, this is being investigated at the moment.

Tony Bourne
Works Director

These are just some of the things that go on behind the scenes and which require expenditure!

As you can appreciate maintenance of any building is a never ending black hole!! Thanks Tony for working for us during this difficult time.


Ladies Indoor

Hello Ladies,

I volunteered to be the Ladies Indoor Captain for the 2020/21 season and submitted my application form, but as we haven’t been able to hold our AGM I have not been elected… so I am Captain in Waiting! As I don’t think there were any other nominations I guess I must assume that I will get the job. It is some 6 years since I was last in post and so will probably be a little rusty, but with the help of the great Committee that the Indoor Ladies has and with your support I am sure we will be alright.

We are living in such strange times. Who would have imagined 3 months ago that we would have to stay at home, isolating/shielding, unable to see family and friends and fighting this unseen enemy?  But I sincerely hope that we are winning so that things can return to some sort of ‘new’ normal as we defeat Covid-19. It seems that we are going to have to be careful for many months to come as how we have had to behave has become a way of life.

At this time I have no idea what will be in place for the start of the Indoor season in October. But rest assured the Board and the Bowls Committee will do everything possible for us to be able to Bowl following guidelines by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Stay safe everyone which is so important.

Kay Cadd
Ladies Captain – in waiting

Men’s Indoor

Hi Everyone I hope and trust you all safe and well. Not much has changed since our last newsletter. Peter has advised me our fixture list for the forthcoming season is almost complete and from what I’ve seen we have a few new fixtures which fill some of the gaps left by the fixtures we’ve lost.

Unfortunately it has been necessary to increase the match fee for men’s and mixed matches from £8 to £9, the first increase in 4 years, this is to cover the cost of the reduction to 3 rinks for league matches and the reduction of matches overall. However, where a game has only a single course meal, sandwiches or tea and biscuits, the match fee will be reduced  We shall also not be paying out prize money for internal leagues as they were not completed, however, last years league registration fees will be carried over to this coming season.

It is now a matter of waiting to see what relaxations the government approve to lockdown and social distancing as to whether we are able to start the indoor season or not, we can but hope.

There is not much more to report, except to say Stay Safe, Stay Well and hopefully we will see you on the green in the not to distant future.

Bill Hudson

Reference: Men’s Indoor Bowls Competitions:

With the ongoing closure of our Indoor Club due to Coronavirus there are still no plans in hand for season 2020/2021. Until we have definite information via English Indoor BA and Surrey County Indoor BA our club management committee are unable to make any decisions and until government directive is passed on via the above affiliated indoor associations our hands are tied at Croydon BC.

Our intention is however still to play the semi finals and finals from last season if at all possible?

Those of you that have forwarded to me your entry forms and payment for the EIBA Nationals will have been notified that all monies and completed entry forms were received at HQ.

I am at this stage awaiting instruction from Surrey County BA and will inform you all in due course as to their intentions.

As your Competition Secretary I shall continue to work on instructions from relevant associations and club officials only and not from rumours and heresay. Please do not contact me in any way with what you have heard regarding Competitions when I know anything relevant I will inform you.

In the meantime get your Caravan/Tented Holidays booked for your ‘Staycation’ I hear ‘Camber Sands’ and ‘Pevensey Bay’ are particularly lovely this time of the year.

Stay safe and well and see you all soon.

Allen Banks
Men’s Indoor Competition Secretary
(M) 07810 000568
(H) 020 8653 1357

Outdoors Out?

As you may know, I prefer the outdoor game to the indoor and I was really enthusiastic and genuinely looking forward to the honour and privilege of carrying out the duties of Outdoor Captain this year. But then it all went flat, thwarted – what a lovely word, I’ll say it again – thwarted by a hidden menace to say the least.

The worst outbreak of the Spanish Flu in 1918, came when it infected one third of the global population, approximately 500 million people, killing 75 million of those infected. Thank goodness we are nowhere near those statistics today.

We mourn the loss of family members, relatives, friends and colleagues and I for one will certainly miss the company and the warm sense of humour of our fellow bowler, Grahame Aspinall.

With my finance committee hat on, I see that some members have paid against the subscription invoices that were sent out in April/May.

With 84% of our membership over the age of 70, it’s no wonder that there is a drop-off this coming year. This is either through current illnesses, specially shielded lock-down restrictions or some other valid reasons. I did read somewhere that 36% of people have not left their home at all during lock-down mainly through fear.

Some members have joined other clubs, some are taking a year off. May I respectfully ask that you inform the Membership Secretary if you intend not to re-join so that the club can amend its future business plan – also you could be chased for payment.

I can assure you that the club along with its volunteers are all doing their utmost to accommodate members by following the guidance of Bowls England which is line with government recommendations.

If normality is ever going to return, then I look forward to seeing you all soonest although I fear that this Outdoor season will be put off until next year.

If and when catering and the bar re-open, I would be more than pleased to have a drink with you all, on me, whether it be a cup of tea or a pint.

Barry Swannie

I will take you up on that Barry with a Y!!!!

Yvonne – with a Y!


As I write this we are completing our second week of bowling. Many thought, just three weeks ago, we would not be open at all. 

How has it gone?

It started with some members being willing to give their time and energy to act as marshals, take bookings and become aware of the new guide lines issued by the government, to order the supplies of sanitiser, masks, wipes etc. A BIG thank you goes to our President, Daphne Lye for ordering supplies, Jean Hunter for taking all the bookings and our Development Director for the help he has given by filling in whenever required, also Gemma Stone  – who volunteered for the task of cleaning both outdoor toilets and did a great job. We also have our team of marshals; Pat Bentley, Kay Cadd, Jane Seymour, Tony Rowland, Brian Medhurst and Alan Whittlesey. 

A Big thank you from the Board and all the club members for making it possible to open the greens, not forgetting our Green keeper Steve., and Rick who have kept me up to date with which rinks we could use. 

 On opening it was guess work as to how many members would book a rink, to our surprise 77 booked for week one and 66 for week two.

Depending on any change in the government guidelines on bowls we hope (if possible) to run a pairs competition starting towards the middle to end of July on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Watch the notices for details.

Book now for the forthcoming weeks. You need to Book 48hrs before the day you wish to book. The rinks are open Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon.

If you would like to help the club we still require marshals for a regular morning or afternoon slot.

You never know if we get enough marshals, we could open on a Saturday morning for those who are at work and cannot bowl during the week.

 Keep bowling Keep Safe and keep Fit

Paul Baker
Bowls Director



He can then organise our volunteer Marshalls more effectively and not waste their time!



A little start back to normality ?

As you should now all be aware, we have opened the outdoor greens and bookings are going well. Many thanks to the volunteer Marshalls, Jean – who is taking the bookings and organising rotas, Steve and Rick who have kept the greens in tip top condition and everyone else who has been organising the opening and ensuring your safety.

We sincerely hope that some of the restrictions will be relaxed, and  as soon as we have any news, any relaxation of the Government and Bowls England rules will be implemented.


In order for the Club to open some rinks for reduced Bowling as lock-down was being eased, guidelines were followed which Bowls England issued and were approved by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Information was issued via the News Letter for procedures on how to book the rinks which are available for morning and afternoon slots.

It is necessary to have Marshalls at all of the sessions to ensure the safety all players.

Duties of the Marshall

*Ensure social distancing of 2 metres of all bowlers while on the premises

*Placing bottles of sanitizer and cleaning cloths on every rink being used

*Ensure all bowls, mats and jacks are cleaned at the start/finish of the session

*Ensure that there is a gap between rinks being used (ever other one)

*At the end of the afternoon session put all equipment in the Corbett shelter

*Close the wooden gates when leaving the club

If you have an hour or two to spare and would like to join the list of Marshalls please contact
Paul Baker- Director of Bowls

Kay Cadd

Please abide by the rules and watch / listen  for any updates. We appreciate your co-operation at this difficult time!

Ladies Outdoor

I have been rolling up during the last 2 weeks and it is good to see other members and to play on the greens which Steve has kept looking really well.

For those of you who haven’t yet booked a slot, it is a very safe environment. We are social distancing and spraying the jacks, mats and our hands with the sanitizer provided.  It seems to be working out very well and I would like to thank Daphne, Paul and Jean Hunter for making it possible.  Also, many thanks to the Marshals for volunteering to help.

Pat Bentley
(Ladies Captain)


21 Years of Croydon Bowling Tours

It is difficult to believe that next year will be my 21st year of taking a group of bowlers and supporters on tour. Looking back at our tour brochure for 2000 we went to Bournemouth and stayed at the Ullswater Hotel. Some of our tourist on that tour are sadly no longer around, but we still have a few that are still bowling. In the first game against Bournemouth BC we had Val Rowe, Daphne Lye and myself in the team. In fact we are the only ones left throughout the whole tour!

So where are we going next year? Somewhere where we haven’t toured before so I hope having read through the details you would like to join us

HOLME LACEY – HEREFORDSHIRE 8th – 13th September 2021

Please see the form with full details at the back of this newsletter….


BEMBRIDGE – Isle of Wight

8th – 12th March 2021

Fed up with being locked down. Do you fancy having something to look forward to? Then come and join us for our annual Warners holiday break.

You don’t have to be a bowler to join us, just come along for the enjoyment of Warners and the company of your friends.  Club member’s friends and family are welcome too.

If you want to bowl we can form a team for you to enter into the Open Fours, or you can form your own team.

Travel there and back by coach from the club with porterage taken care of. Half board with an extensive breakfast menu and a 3 course evening meal. There is a gym, indoor swimming pool and beauty spa, and of course you can watch the Open Fours tournament, also full daytime and evening entertainment.

Prices start from £255 per person for the four night break, and if you are worried there may still be a problem with Coronavirus Warners will either refund monies or we can transfer our holiday to a later date.

Sound interesting?

Then contact Tina and Doug Welsh for more details.

020 8651 2531


“How was your bowling game, dear?” asked Jack’s wife Tracy.

“Well, I was bowling well but my eyesight’s gotten so bad I couldn’t see where the bowl went.”

“But you’re seventy-five years old Jack” admonished his wife, “Why don’t you take my brother Scott along?”

“He’s eighty-five and doesn’t even bowl anymore,” protested Jack.

“But he’s got perfect eyesight. He could watch your bowl,” Tracy pointed out.

The next day Jack bowled with Scott looking on.

Jack bowled to a long jack. “Do you see it?” asked Jack.
“Yes,” Scott answered.

“Well, where is it?” yelled Jack, peering up the green.
……………………………….  “I forgot.”

A Selectors Prayer

Blessed are they who can play sport,
Blessed are they who can still be taught,
Blessed are they who accept with grace
To play in any selected place

Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to this months’ newsletter (and to Alan for reminding you!). Please keep in touch if you have any interesting articles, views  or snippets to add to the July magazine!    Please send as word document (unformatted please) to

Yvonne Russell


Although the club is currently closed the admin is still being processed and the 200 Club is still available.

Check your certificate, is it still current and eligible for the draw prizes?

If you need to renew your certificates or if you would like to purchase one or more please print the form below and send with your cheque made out to Croydon Bowling & Sports Club Ltd and post to:

Tina Welsh, 25A Arkwright Road, South Croydon, CR2 0LN.




You have a chance of winning up to £2,400 in 12 months with the Croydon Bowling & Sports Club 200 Monthly Draw. For £15 you receive a certificate with 12 draw numbers. All 12 numbers are entered into each of the next 12 draws. As all your numbers are entered each month you have a chance of winning all three prizes.

There is no limit to how many certificates you can hold – the more entries you have, the more chances of winning.

You can buy certificates at any time so there is no need to wait until they expire. Put this application form and cheque in an envelope addressed to Tina Welsh and post it to:  25A Arkwright Road,  South Croydon CR2 0LN

This draw is open to members of all sections of Croydon Bowling & Sports Club and all the profits go to the club.

You Have To Be in it To Win It

I would like…… (number) of certificates at £15 each to enable me to enter the CB&SC 200 Club monthly draw

I enclose cheque made payable to CROYDON BOWLING & SPORTS CLUB Ltd for


Your Name (BLOCK CAPITALS)………………………………………Tel.No……………………….……….



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