Newsletter – March 2020

The Romans named March after Mars, their god of war, because March was the month in which the military campaigning season got underway again after winter.

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Well, some of the articles in this Month’s Newsletter may not now be current. However, we felt it was important to try and keep you up to date with what’s planned.

You should all be aware by now that the Board of Directors decided to close the Bar and Restaurant last week. It was then decided to postpone all matches and competitions  and hopefully, to finish any outstanding games when the crises is over.

Each day brings new instructions and recommendations. The Board and officers will be monitoring the situation and we sincerely hope members will bear with us in order to ensure that  Croydon Bowls and Sports Club can continue to function going forward.

20th March – Well, now we have the latest instruction from the Government, it is that all clubs should close down – hopefully it won’t be for long. Rest assured we shall open again and let you know as soon as that happens!

The Club still has to be maintained, the greens kept and security upheld. Please bear with us – we need your loyalty as never before!   

It is with great sadness that we learned that Grahame Aspinall succumbed to the virus. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. We will miss you Father Christmas xxx


President's Report

Hi everybody.

I am thinking of you all as we stay put in our homes and can only be thankful for the telephones we possess to keep in touch.  I am here if you wish to chat.

The Club now being closed until further notice may worry some of you as your Bowls are locked in.  When the curfew is lifted we will throw open the doors and you can retrieve them for the Summer season.  This I am sure is what we are all hoping for, and praying for.

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for the support you have given us the Board not only at this point in time but during the season.  It has been a tough time but we have got through it as only Croydon Club can and we’ll get through this crisis too.

Facebook and our Website are being  kept up to date with Club matters so keep your eyes peeled for this information.  If you wish to input items please contact Tony Goucher our Development Director who I am sure will be only too pleased to accommodate items sent in.

Membership renewal letters will be out quite soon and I’m hoping we will all meet up later in the Summer.

My very best wishes are sent to you all – keep safe – and listen to all the advice we are getting from the family and the media.

Let’s hope we see each other soon.



We are pleased to inform you all that Samantha Collins has accepted our catering franchisee offer with effect from 1st April 2020.

Samantha, as you may know, has been working at Crystal Palace for a number of years and has a wealth of experience. We are confident that with your support, she will bring a new lease of life to the restaurant. Look out for a number of new initiatives!


Luke and his assistants may still be required to help Samantha from time to time, under her supervision and guidance.

 Our thanks go to Luke for his help and support over the past years! He is still an active member of the Club and will now be able to concentrate on his bowling at Croydon.

Unfortunately Sam will not be able to open on 1st April – but here is what was planned – these events will be re-instated later.

CLUB AGM – 3rd February

Your new Board of Directors elected at this meeting are as follows:

President:                          Daphne Lye
Works Director:                Tony Bourne
Greens Director:               Rick long
Bar & Catering Director: Alan Hart
Social Director:                  Yvonne Russell
Development Director:   Tony Gaucher
Bowls Director:                 Paul Baker

We still have vacancies for a Company Secretary and a Finance Director.

The Minutes of the AGM are displayed on the notice board in the canteen.


Don’t forget to keep up to date – look at our fantastic web site

Ladies Indoor Competitions

Competitions have been progressing well, and we already have several finalists in place, with the remaining competitions all at the semi-final stage. I would like to thank all bowlers who entered and adhered to the play-by dates, which has enabled us to reach this stage.

Sadly, as a result of the current coronavirus situation, our Finals Weekend has quite rightly been postponed, but we do intend to complete the outstanding matches, and play the Finals, at the beginning of the next Indoor season in the Autumn. Something to look forward to.

In the meantime – stay well!

Sue Lammas

Croydon Ladies indoor section have postponed their AGM until September further details to follow.

Stay safe everyone

Men’s Indoor

Well, our season came to an abrupt end, when the Board made the correct decision to abide by the governments directive and advice in relationship to the Coronavirus and cancel all inter club games and internal leagues and to postpone our club competitions until later in the year and thereby safe guarding our members’ health.

Due to the health advice we have cancelled our AGM and will circulate at a later date reports and a financial statement, we had nominations for all our officer posts and with no duplicate nominations and so all nominees are elected unopposed the only changes being Wayne Kavanagh is Vice Captain, Peter Duncan Match Secretary and Luke Griffin Team Manager. We would like to place on record our thanks to Dave Warrington and Kevin Perry both of whom are retiring from the Committee.

The committee have made a requested to Surrey County to allowed us to enter the men’s league as a 4 rink club, the decision was not taken lightly but was brought about by the lack of support for league games and the difficulty in getting enough players to full fill 6 rinks.

Unfortunately we will have put our match fee up to our members next season from £8 to £9. This is the first increase in 4 years, also players playing in representative matches will pay a match fee of £4.

 In a effort to reduce our total expenditure we will not be going to Victory next season and we are in discussions with the ladies section regarding the home and away fixtures against Arun.

None of these decisions were taken lightly, but with the reduction in rinks for Surrey league matches come with a loss of income and as a section we have to be financially self -sufficient.

I would take this opportunity of thanking those members that regularly supported our match fixtures and those members that ran league teams.

Please stay safe in this difficult time, our membership has an average age of 77 years so a lot of our members are in the “at risk” bracket. I look forward to seeing you all next season and outdoors if we are allowed to play.

Bill Hudson
Men’s Indoor Captain

Men’s Indoor EIBA & Surrey’s Competition’s Entry Forms for  Season 2020/2021

Men’s EIBA & Surrey County Indoor Competition Entry Forms are now available to all members and are placed in the usual boxes by the notice boards near the men’s changing room. Please take one home, fill in what is appropriate to you, place a cheque made payable to Croydon Bowling and Sports Club Limited or cash in an envelope, seal it and place it in the indoor competition by Friday 10th April 2020 at the latest.

Please remember that any payment for £15.00 or under has to be by cash only.  

This season once again I have two assistants i.e. Paul Baker and Luke Griffiths, both are on the Indoor Committee and are available to answer any questions regarding these indoor competitions.

You are asked to organise your competitions as early as you can and get them in the Club Diary, play by the dates shown and if you have any problems or need advice speak to Allen Banks, Luke Griffin or Paul Baker

This year we have some new members who will be entering these competitions for the first time and I would ask you all to make yourself available to them and assist in showing them where things are and how we do it at CBC.

Regards to you all and again please remember to make out your cheques payable to Croydon Bowling & Sports Club Limited’.

Allen Banks
Men’s Indoor Competition Secretary
(M) 07810000568    (H) 02086531357

Men’s Outdoor and Ladies Outdoor

We will be back!!

Did You Know?

You all know the name De Souza….but did you know that Joan has published a book!.


The book tells Joan’s own story of her trek through high mountain ranges covered by thick jungle and traversed by many fast flowing rivers, beaten down by the unrelenting Monsoon rain, facing impossible odds, fighting incredible dangers.

Survival bore testimony to the love and devotion of their unimaginably brave Mother’s faith which encouraged their hope, even when all seemed lost – as it was. Although their physical condition and heart-breaking losses left them drained, their spiritual strength, love and concern for each other kept them as focussed as possible on their seemingly unattainable goal – and so they kept going.

“Ten Long Days” well worth a read and available from Amazon.


It’s good to give something back to the community.

On 12th February we had great pleasure in welcoming the 1st Selsdon and Addington Cub pack to Croydon bowl. 24 cubs, leaders and some parents enjoyed an evening of bowls fun.

We hope they will come again and we may also get a visit from the scouts.

Since they came we have had at least one cub and his parents attend on a Friday evening.

Let’s hope they all tell their Mums and Dads about our great club and continue their own interest in Bowls.

Thanks to all those who helped make the evening a success and to Norman who provided some sweeties!

Social Section

I was elected to continue as Social Director at the AGM held in February. Alan and I will continue to work closely together to ensure that the Social Section flourishes. Thanks for your support and, we hope, continued attendance at our events.

Past Events

Abba Chique – 7th February

It seems a long time ago now that this fabulous group entertained us at Croydon:

Hey “Chiquita” and “Fernando” – “did your mother know” what a wonderful time we had on 7th February listening and dancing to Abba chique. “Mama mia”! We had quite a few “dancing queens”.

The “money money money” raised was a bonus for the club –“thank you for the music” and thanks to all you “super troupers “

“SOS” –“Voulez vous” to come to the next event – very soon we hope!

“Knowing me knowing you” you will “take a chance (on me)” “when all is said and done” “that’s the name of the game”


With apologies!!!!!!

Willmatters LLP visited Croydon Bowls Club on 17th February 2020. Sally O’Brien was booked to give short talk about the pros and cons of making your Will and registering Lasting Powers of Attorney. Unfortunately this was not well attended, however, Sally was able to give her free advice to a couple of people.

If you missed the event Sally would be happy to discuss,

on a one-to-one basis, any concerns or worries you may have in this area. Appointments can be made by calling 07742 2874672. 

Sally is one of our on-going sponsors, see her advert in the bowls hall.

Appointments are usually carried out in your home and the first appointment is free of charge with no obligation to proceed.

21st February – Maggie’s Spring Quiz

and the mystery guest was – Vernon!!! Thanks and well done!!

26th February. “The Prince of Egypt.”

This all singing and dancing musical with a cast of hundreds was another fantastic theatre trip organised by John!!!

Forthcoming Events

Around the club

Darts League

The league plays on a Tuesday evening from 8.00 pm onwards.

If you are interested please contact Luke at the club or email him on

The Croydon darts team reached darts final night at Caterham. We played in the eight finals and finished runners up. Andy Failies reached the singles final and was runner up.

We are looking for people who wish to play next season. Please contact Luke or John Cameron.

John Cameron


ALTHOUGH SHUT AT THE MOMENT… There has been an update on entering the Snooker Room, It has been fitted with a security lock. From now on you will have to contact either Norman Winford or Alan Whittlesey to gain entry. Please contact either of us before you leave home to make sure that we are, or would be there for you. (We can’t give out the number, it has to be opened personally.) There is a note on the Snooker Room door with phone numbers.

If anyone fancies a game of Snooker you can contact me by putting your contact details in the Snooker room by the door, I will get back to you ASAP.  Alan Whittlesey on 0208 776 0074

200 Club Monthly Draw

All fundraising keeps your membership fees down and helps pay our bills – which are always going up!

Thank you once again for supporting the 200 club draw

200 Club Monthly Draw


                £100       No  21256        Kathleen Arnott

                £  70        No  21517        Jean Capell

                £  30        No  21155        Les Capen


                £100       No  19696        Derek Hawkins

                £  70        No  21072        David Humber

                £  30        No  21383        Bob Reeve


Even though there are difficulties at the club at present we are still drawing the 200 club each month. If you would like to renew your certificate or buy additional ones please contact me on:

020 8651 2531 or

Tina Welsh
Draw Manager

Advertising update

If you have any contacts with local advertising please let us know

Contact Alan Hart on 0777 2022 156
Or email

Social Diary

The current situation is that our Theatre Ticket Agents have written to me informing me they were having a meeting on 17th March with all parties concerned to discuss the crises and come up with a plan of action. I have not yet received a reply which is not surprising as there many issues that will impact on their decision. However, I will make sure all those that have booked to go will be informed in good time.

Many of you have also booked to have High Tea at “Brown’s,” prior to the show. I have written to Brown’s but have not yet received a reply. They may well be waiting for the government to order them to close. Again I will let you all know in good time.

In the meantime keep well and continue to support Croydon Bowling Club.

John Hilton

Any suggestions for outings or events for 2020 are most welcome – please obtain details and talk to any of the Social Committee.
Any comments or entries for the Newsletter? Please send to Alan or me,

Any anecdotes/stories, games played, photos, fixtures etc.

I hope you enjoyed this months contributions


Forthcoming events

Please rest assured as soon as we know what is happening the Social Committee will be working hard to getting back to normal with events etc.

The Board and all Officials hope that you all keep well. Keep in touch with your friends at Croydon and we hope we shall see you all at the Club very soon.


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