Newsletter – May 2019

What a wonderful way to start the season with the fantastic Easter weather, and now the outdoor greens are open!!


Thanks to Sam who has previously published the Club’s newsletter – the dubious prize has now passed to myself and Yvonne— don’t forget we are not professionals!

We want to include all sections of the Club so if you have any newsworthy items please send them to Alan by 25th of the month, any item not received by that date will not be included.

Electronic Board

If you have any forthcoming events / club matches etc. which need publicising on the electronic board pass them to Alan and we will endeavour to keep the board updated.

Contact Alan Hart on 0777 2022 156 or email

Club Website

The new look website is now live!

It will gradually be populated by more stuff.

Hope you like it!                                    Finlay Morton


The board has terminated the contracts we had with Corne Catering, so there will be some changes. We hope to have new arrangements in place very quickly, but please bear with us while this is sorted out.

Thanks, Finlay Morton Finance Director


I trust some of you took advantage of the beautiful weather we had over the Easter Holiday and those who holidayed or had family commitments enjoyed the break. Those who bowled were very appreciative of the hard work Steve has put in over the winter months. Thank you Steve. Tuesday onwards has certainty let us down but it will improve!!

Changes are happening with regard to the bar and catering service, and we will be trying very hard to get this resolved quickly.

In the meantime, you are free to bring your own refreshments, but we would ask you to please dispose of your bottles, plastic bags etc. in the bins around the green. Hot water and a fridge have been made available for your use.

The Finals Weekend went very well. It ran smoothly and was great to see so many supporters. Thanks must go to Allen and Kay, well done, not easy is it?

I am sure competitors and spectators appreciated your hard work.

Finally, all bowlers playing Indoors and Outdoors enjoy your season, I wish you all well Daphne


Hi all, the new season is now upon us, and sheets are up for the first bunch of games. Please play if you can, and we also need some volunteers to take some of the mixed matches, so let me know if you can help.

If any of you are still owed prize money from last season’s club competitions, come and see me, as I have an envelope of cash for you!!

See you on the green soon! Finlay Morton Men’s Captain


I would like to thank everyone for your donations. In two years the table has raised £2,600 for club funds. Everything you donate is either sold on the table, saved for the Xmas Bazaar, jewellery sales or sold at car boot sales. What cannot be used is taken off to charity shops

– nothing is wasted so please keep it coming. I can arrange collection if you are unable to bring it to the club. Once again a very big THANKYOU

Marion Branch – Mobile 07743587626


£282   was   raised   and   divided  equally   between   the Ladies/Men’s’ Indoor Sections. Thank you for taking part.


Summer Mixed Bowling on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings is on the horizon. Players are already signing up on the board in the corridor and the last date for names is 1st May.

Come and join us. Teams are drawn, not selected, and we try to provide good, even, competition with plenty of fun!” David


Thank you to everyone who entered the Ladies Competitions this season and congratulations to the winners and runners up. Your support is vital for these competitions to go ahead.

I would also like to thank Gill Harrison and Tina Welsh who ‘marked’, Jean Capell, Gill and Rick Long for umpiring over the weekend and finally to Allen Banks and Peter O’Driscoll for organising the programme.

Kay Cadd Ladies Competition Secretary

The LADIES OUTDOOR COMMITTEE would like to welcome you all to the 2019 outdoor season.

Please help us by putting your name down for matches, home and away, and entering the various competitions which will run during the summer.

The initial batch of ladies’ league and friendly match sign-up sheets are up already, to help you plan your diaries for the first part of the season (mixed match sheets are also available).

Entry forms for the competitions – internal, Croydon and District Ladies and The Ladies of Croydon – can be found on various noticeboards in the ladies’ cloakroom and in the corridor out to the greens. Please enter by the stated deadlines and also keep an eye on the noticeboards for updates during the season.

The ladies and mixed leagues and friendly matches are a good way, particularly for new bowlers, to meet other members as well as to gain experience.

If you need any further information about matches, or other aspects of life as a Croydon bowler, please just ask one of the committee members. We look forward to your support and cooperation and to what we hope will be a successful and, most of all, an enjoyable season. Let’s hope the weather will be kind to us this year! Jackie Barlow


So we are now at the end of the indoor season and I would like to thank all those ladies who supported me and put their names up for matches this season. It’s been a difficult season, as you know, with issues around the catering which hopefully now are behind us and will be resolved.

I would like to thank my Committee for their encouragement and support over the season and to wish Daphne all the best for next year. Have an enjoyable summer season, to those of you bowling here and those of you going off to your summer clubs, let’s hope the weather is kind to us this year and we look forward to welcoming you back to Croydon in October.

Finally, thank you for my gift and card, which was very much appreciated.

Chris Ladies Captain


Another indoor season sails off into the sunset and with it many memories of games played most of which would have had the same old stories such as; “I’m getting used to these new bowls” – “We nearly won but” – “We could – “We could have won but” – “We should have won but” – and of course unfortunately as competitions go ultimately most of us didn’t win that final game?

Ahh, but then the excuses start; it’s all due to the carpet being stretched at the wrong time or on the wrong day or the doors being opened and the changing temperature of the hall or someone moving just as I was about to bowl the match winning wood which would have undoubtedly picked up the jack with both running together very neatly back into the ditch sitting alongside one another for game shot. Ha Ha & LOL x

But no matter what your luck was like it did not stop players from entering into the L&SCBA – SCIBA (County)

– Bowls England (Nationals) – CBC Competition’s. I shall continue to place the entry sheets for all competitions out for you to read and fill in where necessary. So keep your eyes out for the draws for all the competitions you have entered. Next seasons indoor ‘Club’ Competition entry forms will be put out later this summer and there will be plenty of prior notice given.

This year I have received, once again, some great help during the season, over the finals weekend and all delayed games from Jean Capell, Peter O’Driscoll, Luke Griffin, Paul Baker, Martin Bevan, Gill & Rick Long, plus plenty of useful advice and assistance from Bill Hudson, Peter Duncan and all the Indoor Committee, I thank them all.

For the last 3 years I have worked alongside Kay Cadd from the ladies section, Kay is responsible throughout the year for the ladies competitions and has done an excellent job in helping to make finals weekends a CBC success. Unfortunately this year Kay is standing down from office and I would like to thank her for all her assistance and wish her well.

Well have a lovely summer and all those of you who are bowling outdoors but remember, you cannot blame carpet stretch or doors being left open but you can blame; temperature variation, wind, rain, sleet, snow, intense heat, sun in your eyes, leaves on the rink, players moving when you’re about to bowl, pretty cloud formations, unusual shadows on the greens and of course worm casts….good luck to you all and have a great time whatever.

Allen Banks Men’s Indoor Competition Secretary


Recent Events

We had a record number of entries for “Maggie’s” quiz on 29th March. As usual everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The competition was very close but Myrtle and Tom Jenner, Shirley and Geoff Feist, Jenny Feist and Sue Lammas were the winning team. Watch out for the next quiz..

On April 12th, we held our annual formal event. Ian Gallagher was, once again brilliant entertainment. Shall we ask him back next year? Let us know!

Forthcoming events include:-


The next Bingo session will be held on 26th April, the last one was great fun – with cash prizes – please come along and support this event and enjoy.


Everyone who requested tickets for this event should now have received them. If you wish to be put on the waiting list, please let Alan know. Details are on the notice boards.

We now have a complete social diary for 2019, these can be viewed on the notice boards in the club, and on the club website.


Some of our green fingered members have volunteered to tidy up the “garden” areas outside. Dave Barkway has obtained some new shrubs from Wallington Nursery and Barnes Nursery—they will be planted next week. Thanks to the volunteers, keep weeding!


Two new advertising boards are on display in the indoor arena; Kia Motors and Owen Hearing. Heather Bailey Optometrist will be going up soon. Britannia are taking the space of the Renault advert in the middle of the outdoor green and we are looking for other sponsors for the outdoor greens.

Please support these advertisers as they provide very good revenue for the club, and are willing to support us and our members in the future.

Contact Alan Hart on 0777 2022 156 or email

200 Club monthly draw

£100 No  18006 Ken Woolston
£ 70 No  18127 Pam Barnes
£ 30 No  17916 Fred White

You have to be in it to win it!


Tina Welsh – Draw Manager

Just a thought !

In 1864, Mr. William Wallace Mitchell- “civilized” the game of bowls. In past times bowling alleys were full of “idle citizens” and drinking and gambling were inevitably associated with the game. Indeed bowling was once an illegal sport. Bowls has come a long way, since, when the barbarians were plundering Europe they found it relaxing after a battle to set up a game similar to our bowls. Legend has it that they would sever the heads of their unhappy opponents and roll them ever so gently across the battle terrain – aiming to get them as close as possible to whatever they chose as a target. Hence, presumably, the expression “Be up to the head!”

Well, Croydon Bowls Club Outdoor Finals Day has now passed, and to those who were “up to the head” and got through to the finals, congratulations. Our “idle citizens” aka supporters, were out in force and although we didn’t give you “ kicking, hacking and tripping “ – well we tried not to, all the games were exciting and we hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

The organisation of these tournaments takes time and effort, so my thanks goes to all those “backroom boys (and girls)”, please carry on – you are much appreciated.

We now look forward to the outdoor season and many more worthy games. Even if you just want to come and watch, please do – everyone is welcome.


Footnote: you may have seen a rather puerile publication which circulated the club last month. This was nothing to do with Croydon Bowls Club and was not even funny. Please—if anyone has any comments regarding today’s publication—or anything else regarding the Club let the relevant people know. Offensive material will not be tolerated.


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