Newsletter – May 2021


from 17.5.21 – 31.5.21
(if there is no-one using the restaurant it will be closed early)

(The restaurant and bar will also be available for weekend match days)




As you may already be aware we have restricted service in the bar at this time. Unfortunately, Norman is awaiting a date for surgery and will therefore be unable to carry out his bar duties for the time being, he may be unfit for some time as he recovers.

John Seymour has valiantly volunteered to do his best to keep the bar open for the short term. Rest assured we shall do our utmost to keep things functioning, with the resources we have, until Norman returns.

Norman and his family have asked that his privacy be respected at this time and will not be taking phone calls, however, he will keep in touch and will let John and myself know of his progress, we will keep you informed.

We all Wish Norman a speedy recovery and hope to see him back very soon.

We are still asking for volunteers to help John – please let us know if you are able to commit to a few sessions per week.

Alan Hart
Bar & Catering Director

President’s Report

Hi everybody. Hip hip we’ve opened and what a delight it was to see so many of you there.  Bowlers Indoors and Outdoors, the Restaurant buzzing and the Bar being used. The support we’ve had to date is heartwarming and means that we have a Club with Members ever eager to get back into the sport we love.

Please remember we are not still out of the woods yet, we still have to be vigilant in the sanitising and distancing code.

Enjoy your bowling and I look forward to seeing even more of you in the next few day.

Stay safe and keep well.

Bowls Director:

 At last, we can meet up indoors and have a chat over a pint or a meal, we still need to be careful and remember the basic Covid guidelines. Masks must be always worn in the club unless on a rink, bowling or sitting in the bar or restaurant.  Members and visitors MUST sign in with the time of entry and the time of leaving.

Our booking system in the club is in place for outdoor rinks, use the book in the bar area near the pigeonholes. Indoor rinks the book can be found on the ledge outside the indoor office.

If a member arrives on the ‘off chance’ of playing and a rink is available, they need to sign the booking book as well as having signed in. This is for everyone’s safety. Like all the guidelines the rules are different indoors compared to outdoors.

If using the rear carpark and you are the last Car in the carpark, please remember to stop and lock the gates before driving off. This is a reminder as, even though notices are up, some members have driven off leaving the car park empty and gate wide open putting your club at risk. Not to mention the member who seeing the gates wide open went to the club and locked up a big thank you for that.

As we move towards the match being held and players moving in and outdoors, please remember that having been outdoors on the green you will need to change or completely clean your bowling shoes before going on the indoor rink. Bowling shoes should not be worn to get from the car to the club. These are rules you all know but some members have not been abiding by them.

The changing rooms are now open and have been cleaned prior to opening, please remember keep a safe distance and keep the mask on.

I look forward over the coming weeks to meeting up with you again we are open Stay safe and let’s enjoy getting back to bowling.

Paul Baker

Your Committee Members:

President – Mrs. Daphne Lye


Paul Baker                          Bowls                                    
Tony Goucher                   Recruitment & Development
Alan Hart                            Bar and Catering
Richard Long                      Greens and Works
Yvonne Russell                  Social

Bowls Committees

Indoor Men                        Bill Hudson
Indoor Ladies                     Kay Cadd
Outdoor Men                    Barry Swannie
Outdoor Ladies                 Pat Bentley

Ladies Captain:

Now that the club is open, I have put some match sheets up so please put your names down and support your club.  The ladies do not have any matches in June so I would encourage you to play in the mixed matches.  We do have a new ladies league starting on the 28th June which is called “The Smith’s League” – it is a triples with one team at home and one away, details of which are on the notice board next to the match sheets, so please support this new league.  The mixed fruit league and Babs Carson league list is on the notice board – we do need at least 40 names to make it viable, so please put your names down for that.  These leagues have always been very popular in the past so why not come along and have a fun and enjoyable season.  See you on the greens.

Pat Bentley


Ladies Indoor Committee

The long awaited day arrived – Monday April 12th for the re-opening of Croydon Bowls Club – and what happened? It SNOWED; it was thick and heavy! No-one knew how long the snow was going to last so a decision was made for bowling not to go ahead and the Club closed for one more day. But, thankfully the weather improved on the Tuesday and the Bowlers returned. It is rather chilly, so remember to wrap up with ‘layers’ of clothes.

I don’t have anything specific to report regarding Indoor Bowling – a bit too early yet, although I do have one important piece of information and that is: Our Ladies Indoor Committee has 2 vacancies.

Please let me know if you would like to join our very friendly Committee, or speak to one of the Committee who will tell you all about what we do.  The role is not onerous but to give support and put forward any fresh ideas you may have, we meet a few times during the summer but have monthly meetings during the winter season.

Ladies Indoor Committee

Kay Cadd– Captain

Jane Seymour Vice-Captain

Daphne Lye – Treasurer

Jean Hunter – Match Secretary

Sue Lammas – Competition Secretary

Gill Long – SCWIBA Delegate/EIBA

Marion Branch – Committee Member

Chris Uphill – Assistant League Secretary

(but I am delighted to say that she is going to be our League Secretary).

Many thanks Chris for taking on this position. We are here to support you as needed.

I hope that you have all had your 2nd vaccinations by now and feel safer. We need to pick our lives up to include meeting our friends outdoors at the moment, shopping and of course bowling.

After May 17th hopefully, we will be able to have Sam’s food and Norman’s drinks which is something to look forward to.  I hope to see you on the Green.  Stay safe – Hands/Face/Space/Fresh Air.

Kay Cadd
Ladies Outdoor Captain


If you use the back car park (or are responsible for any visitors who use the back car park).


Greens and Works

As most of you will have seen the windows have now being fitted in the Corbet Shelter. This work was  completed on Tuesday 18th May. I hope you will all be happy with the outcome. It’s a job that has needed to be done for a number of years and has made the look of the outside area much better. This means that the building is now fit for use.

We have now also installed new gates from the rear car park to the greens. This has been done to help keep out the foxes and they will need to be closed at all times. The new fox fence installation will commence on the 26th May and will take approximately 3 days. We hope this will end the problems we have been experiencing with foxes digging up the greens. I am sorry for the inconvenience you have been experiencing with the fence on ‘A’ green, but that will end once the new fence is complete.

I hope all of the members who have been bowling are happy with the way the greens are playing. Having rolled up myself a few times I am amazed at the way they are performing this early in the season. Thanks again to Steve.

Please take care of the greens by making sure they are used responsibly. Try not to drag pushers when putting them away. Push them as you would when pushing with bowls in them. Also, please check the notice board inside the door to the greens as Steve will be allocating both greens and rinks as of Monday 17th May. If one green is closed please make sure you use the vacant green so as to allow Steve to carry out his ongoing maintenance.

As the season progresses, there are always plenty of jobs to be carried out. Anyone who would like to be involved, please contact me so that I can keep a list of people to call on when needed.

I would like to thank Dave Warrington, Alan Graham, Bob Locke, John Hilton and Tony Rowlands for the help they have already given in the general upkeep of the club.

Without your help a lot of jobs cannot be done.

Thanks to all.
Rick Long

Tuesday Afternoon and Thursday Evening (Babs Carson) Mixed Leagues

Of course we are all itching to play again and we can now eat, drink and be sociable in the Clubhouse. 

The “signing-in” sheets are on the trestle/board in the corridor by the restaurant.  We are looking for a maximum of 50 Gentlemen and 50 Ladies for each competition. 

The format for the games will depend on the numbers of players wishing to participate, particularly in this awful year.  Will it be full rinks or triples (as it has sometimes been in recent years) or maybe some other arrangement on all the rinks arranged around other Club commitments? 

At least, we should have a fairly free hand to do what we want with almost all playing restrictions having been removed.

However, we can’t progress very far until we know the numbers, so would bowlers who would like to play during this glorious Summer please sign up before the end of May and we will tailor the teams accordingly (if we can!) and be ready to start playing in mid-June.

David Jackman
but 020 8654 2382 if not!


EIBA English Indoor BA National Competitions 2021/2022:

As the Croydon BC EIBA correspondent I along with Sue Lammas (on behalf of the ladies section) will forward club entries (listed below) which are paid for by the club.

The Ladies section team entries: 1. The Egham Trophy (Mixed Inter Club x 4 Rinks).  2. The Mason Trophy (Over 60’s Double Rink). 3. The Yetton Trophy (4 Rinks).

Owing to no club finals over the last 2 years there will be no club entry to the EIBA Champion of Champions Competition this year for ladies or men.

The Men’s section team entries will be: The Denny Inter Club Championships (Inter Club x 4 Rinks).  2. The Over 60’s Inter Club (2 Teams x Double Rink).

 It is a joint request that this season individual members handle their own entries and with this in mind please read the EIBA letter below:

“Dear Club Correspondent, please find attached a covering letter, Winter National Competitions Entry Forms for the 2021/2022 season along with a copy of the rules. Any entries along with payment need to be received by the 7th June 2021. Entries can either be made via the club or individuals can enter directly with the EIBA. Entry Form A can also be found on the EIBA website. If you require a hard copy of the entry forms please advise accordingly and we will arrange for these to be sent. If you have any queries are require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Stay safe and keep well. Kind Regards Claire Claire Edson Competitions Administrator English Indoor Bowling Association Ltd”.

 If it is your wish to enter these EIBA National Competitions for the coming indoor season entry forms, rules and all assistance are available on the web site or directly from; Ladies: Sue Lammas & Men: Allen Banks.  Kind regards to you all,

Allen Banks
(M) 07810 000568

Men’s and Away team dressing rooms tidy up

Prior to the deep cleaning of the men’s and away team dressing rooms it was necessary to tidy up the dressing rooms. At the request of the Board of Directors, this was duly undertaken by 4 members of the Men’s Indoor Committee.

You will see that all bowls bags containing bowls have been removed from the top of the lockers and placed on the benches, as have all the bags that were on the floor, with the exception of empty bowls bags which have been put on top of the lockers.

Clothes that were hanging up on the walls have been removed and hung on hangers in the 2 alcoves to the right as you enter the men’s home dressing room. Similarly in the visitors’ dressing room bowls bags have been put on the benches and clothes have been hung on the clothes rails above the benches.  

Some clothes were filthy, dirty, torn, covered in dust and screwed up, these have been thrown away as have some empty bowls bags that were thick with dust and clearly had not been used for years, there was also a few shoes also covered in thick dust these have also been thrown away.

Please ensure in future that the changing rooms are kept clean and tidy, that bags with bowls are not put on top of the lockers and that clothes are hung in the alcoves on the hangers provided not on the walls.

Bill Hudson
Men’s Indoor Captain

If you have any items of clothing in these changing rooms, please take them home !!
Any unclaimed items will be disposed of.



Mon 24th                              Home/Away Carshalton 2.30        Mixed                   Vilamoura

Tue 25th                                Mixed 4’s league Meeting             Details to follow

Tue 25th                               Home    Spring Park         2.30        Men’s                   RSB                       

Thurs 27th                            Away Croydon MO           2.30        Ladies                   C&D

Sat 29th                                 Home Purley Bury            2.30        Men’s                   ESL

Mon 31st                              Kim Brown Fun Day        2.30        Mixed                  

Mon 31st                              National open day          1 day     further info to follow


JUNE 2021


Tues 1st                                 Away Ashburton Park                     2.30        Men                      RSB

Wed 2nd                                                Croydon Adults                                 2.30        Men                      RSB

Sat 5th                                                      Away Sutton                                      2.30       Men                      East Surrey League

Sun 6th                                                    Away Wallington                              10.00     Men                      ESL Top 11

Wed 9th                                                 Home Shirley Park                            2.30        Men                      RSB

Sun13th                                  Home Wallington                             2.30        Mxd                       Friendly

Thurs 17th                                           Home Croydon MOs                       2.30        Men                      RSB

Fri 18th                                  H/A Cheam                                         2.30        Mxd                       Vilamoura

Sat 19th                                 Middleton Cup Trial                         10.00     Men                      Surrey County

Sat 19th                                 Away Horley                                       2.30        Men                      East Surrey

Sun 20th                                Surrey Area 1 v Area 2 at Mid Surrey                                       Walter Cross

Tues 22nd                              Mxd 4s League                                  2.30        Mxd                       Fours League

Wed 23rd                              Away Mitcham                                  2.00        Mxd                       Friendly

Thur 24th                              Babs Carson                                       6.15        Mxd                       Babs Carson      

Two Wood Pairs

  Round Robin Event
(21 ends or 90 minutes)

Monday and Wednesday
10 am or 12 Noon
Starting Monday 21st June 2021

 No entry fee – just playing for the fun of playing.
All welcome -You may choose your partner or one can be found for you.

If interested in taking part please sign up in the Clubhouse

Or contact Jane

Phone/text/email  07885 279762

We should like to say “Thankyou” to:

Emerald Green Care

Who donated PPE equipment to the Club

Please see their leaflet in the bar

Bar, Catering and Social Report.

The next phase of the government’s current guidelines for bar and catering state that we can serve people indoors or outdoors via table service for up to 6 people or members of two households. These rules will apply until 21st June, when we hope all restrictions will be lifted.

The response in the bar and restaurant this week has not been very good after 2.00 pm, other than when organised events are taking place. Opening hours will be reviewed and notices put up stating when we are open. We are still adopting a cashless policy

Hopefully after 21st of June we will be able to open up our facilities to members, for events such as birthdays, weddings, meetings, please contact myself if you would like to avail yourself of these facilities.

John Seymour has stepped into the breach regarding running the bar and is doing a fantastic Job, He will need volunteers to help him if you want the bar to remain open so if you are interested please contact John, Yvonne or myself. John will be doing most of the shifts till 31st May from which point we want to try to provide him with assistance, remember at this time its table service so we sometimes may need two people.


We are now taking bookings for all of the events scheduled for June, July and August, these will all be run under the Covid restrictions in place at that time. Bookings will be logged in the order they are received. If we are restricted on numbers, the spaces will be given to those who have booked first. Sam is looking forward to welcoming back the Wednesday lunch club, book with Sam nearer the date.

Future Events

The figure in brackets is the number that has already booked First come first served. Watch the notice boards for further details!

25th June welcome back cream tea and prosecco £14 per person. (23)

2ND July Welcome Back Quiz themed on the 70’s. (7 full teams so far). 6.30 pm £10 per person the evening will start with a ‘pub meal’ of scampi or chicken in a basket with garnishes. Choc ices will be served during the interval. The quiz itself, hosted by Maggie will start at 7.30 p.m. in the bar. Once again, tables will be set up as sixes, and limited to 10 teams.

Tables of 6 will be served in the restaurant. The team captain should decide your team of 6 before booking. If you are on your own or cannot make a team of six – don’t worry we can arrange team partners to make the team up. (You are never alone at the Bowls Club! – just let Alan know).

4th July Sunday Lunch (22 Booked)

16th July Cream Tea and Prosecco £14 per person. (8 booked)

18th July Sunday lunch (12 booked)

23rd July Bingo (8 Booked)

13th August (Lee Rivers Band) (8 booked)

Please contact Alan Hart ( 07772022156 for advance bookings.

Alan Hart / Yvonne


JUNE                     21st                        ALL RESTRICTIONS SHOULD BE LIFTED

25th        Fri           Welcome back, Cream Tea and Prosecco £14 pp – BOOK NOW

27th         Sun        Club Open Day, incorporating Summer Bazaar –


JULY                      2nd          Fri           Quiz – 70s theme (£10 pp – incl. meal, raffle and quiz) teams of 6 needed

4th           Sun        Sunday Lunch

16th         Fri           Cream Tea and prosecco

18th       Sun         Sunday Lunch

23rd         Fri           Bingo – with John Hilton – Prizes galore

AUGUST              13th         Fri           Lee Rivers + his band

SEPTEMBER        8th – 13th               Club Tour

17th         Fri           Black Tie event – Ian Gallagher in cabaret

OCTOBER             1st           Fri           Quiz

17th         Sun        Sunday lunch

22nd        Fri           Tina Turner Experience

NOVEMBER        19th         Fri           Race Night

27th         Sat          Christmas Bazaar

DECEMBER          3rd           Fri           Christmas Quiz

10th         Fri           Carol Concert – Jane/Rose – we need a pianist PLEASE

17th         Fri           Face the Music, Xmas Dance & Xmas Draw           


February              4th           Fri           Cockney Night – – (Chas & Dave tribute)

March                   25th         Fri           “Madness” comes to Croydon – tribute band

!!!!!!!!!  STOP PRESS !!!!!!!!!!

OPEN DAY – Sunday 27th June

10.0 am – 4.00pm


We need all sections to be represented in this event.

The main purpose of the day is to encourage more people to join the Club.

5,000 leaflets will be distributed to local areas, but we ask you to take a supply of the new Open Day leaflets for distribution in your locality – to Surgeries, local shops, flats, houses, libraries, restaurants etc. etc. – in fact, anywhere.

The last Open Day was a great success – everyone enjoyed the day. This is your opportunity to make a difference, membership is crucial to the success of the Club so please support this event. Both new and experienced bowlers are welcome.

If you can donate raffle prizes, or bake cakes for sale on the day we should be very grateful. Please see Yvonne, Marion or Alan.

Get involved in any way you can, however small Contact Alan Hart on 0777 2022 156 or email

Volunteers Wanted!

We need the following volunteers on 27th June and before (even if you can only spare a couple of hours), please liaise with Alan Hart.

Meet and greet – to act as hosts, promoting all areas of the Club, not just bowls. We want to stress the social life and friendship that can be enjoyed at the club, dances, quizzes, theatre trips etc.

Mentors – we would like to give every newcomer a mentor to encourage and work with them in their initial period with us – just being sociable and friendly and helping people to enjoy their game.

Coaches – we want coaches to be available – for those who want to have a go.

We also need people to be available to give out shoes and bowls. We would like members playing darts, snooker, and bridge – and of course bowls! Indoors and out.

Our Open Day is advertised on the Surrey Bowls website – check it out and “like” on Facebook

If you have any additional suggestions for the day, please let us know. If you have contacts with local advertising please let us know. We always welcome your ideas and comments.




We need to stock the following Stalls – CAN YOU HELP ?

SUPERMARKET STALL – Groceries/Fruit & veg/ Bakery/Confectionery
PLANTS/GARDENING STALL – Plants/Tools/Pots/Ornaments
HOMECRAFT STALL – Knitting/Crochet/Embroidery etc.


NON-PERISHABLES – Can be left anytime in Little Office – marked for the attention of Marion

PERISHABLES – Bring to Club between 10 –  4 on Friday or Saturday 25/26 June, when Marion will be there to receive


Queries: Marion 07743587626




The game of Bowls has much to offer, at many different levels. Whatever level you aspire to, the one thing to remember is that we all start out as a ‘New Bowler’.

New Bowlers are always welcome at Croydon, and are offered free taster sessions, where they can receive an introduction to the game by qualified coaches. Once the basics have been learnt, and you and your coach are confident in your ability, you can then take that first step into bowls club life.

First Steps:

As a Member, you can practice (roll-up) or play social bowls with other members. You will also have the opportunity to join some of the many friendly internal leagues, which are an ideal introduction to competitive games. There are organized leagues for both Ladies and Men, and several which are mixed.

The Next Stage: (Friendly Games)

It is hoped that once you gain a little confidence you will want to play more competitively and you will put your name down for a ‘Friendly’. The Club organises Friendly Matches against other clubs in the area, who are also out for an enjoyable game with light refreshments or a meal afterwards.

We play to win, of course, but it’s not the end of the world if we don’t. These friendly matches are played both at home and away, so you get a chance to visit other clubs in the area and play on different greens.

For all the above games the notice boards will display a sheet where you can put your name if you wish to play. At the beginning of each season, you will be given the Club Fixture Book, listing all the matches and venues for that season, allowing you to plan ahead.

Competitive Games and Competitions:

Croydon play in many local leagues, and these matches often have a slightly more competitive feel, although they usually follow the same format as the friendlies, and are just as enjoyable. The Club hold singles, pairs and triples competitions for those who want to take part, and bowlers of all levels are encouraged to participate. Playing against better players is a good way of improving your game and will usually raise your level of play. Competition entry forms will be made available with an entry closing date, and shortly thereafter, the draw will be posted on the notice board.

Members are also encouraged to enter either The Borough of Croydon men’s competitions, or The Ladies of Croydon competitions.

Slightly More Serious Competitive Games /

County Competitions and Matches:

Once you are a little more experienced, there is the opportunity for you to be selected to represent Croydon Bowling Club and play in the national club team competitions.

As in our club competitions, but with the addition of fours (also known as rinks), you can also enter county and national competitions which are organised by the respective associations. Entry details for these are made available through the ladies’ and men’s secretaries. Playing in these competitions give bowlers the opportunity to gain their Surrey badge and play for the county.

Every member of Croydon Bowling Club has at one time been a new bowler. We have all taken that first step onto the green and made an attempt to put up a wood.

(We have all at some point, also had a really bad game and wondered why we bothered!)

Whether it is playing a social game with friends or putting on a Surrey shirt and playing for the county, one constant is that ….


Warner’s – Isle of Wight

Bembridge Bowls Tour 7th – 11th March 2022

Please return to:  Carole Pullen, 10 Willoughby Ave, Beddington, Surrey CR0 4QN


Tel: 02083952378



Worried about getting booked up for a holiday in the UK in 2022?

Fear not the 2022 Croydon Bowling Club Tour is all in place……

We will be staying at the now 4 star luxury Park Hotel in Barnstable, North Devon.

When we were last there in 2014 is was just a 3 star hotel, but a huge sum of money has been spent on upgrading it to something special. There will be a number of mixed bowling matches against local clubs and trips out to see the beautiful surrounding countryside.

We will also be visiting a local historical house of interest, and will try to include having a Devon Cream Tea whilst we are there.

Door to door service will be provided by an executive coach with on-board facilities.

I will be sending out full details and an application form to regular supporters of the club tour shortly but, if you have not been on one of our tours before and would like to please email me on and I will make sure you have all the information you need.

The dates are 10th-15th September 2022 so put these dates on your calendar now.

Invoices for the balance due for the 2021 Tour will be sent out next month.

 In the meantime, enjoy your bowling.

John Hilton


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