Newsletter – October 2020

We have been requested to pass on the sad news that Reg Buckler from Woking Park Bowls Club died in hospital of a massive heart attack on 26 September. He was a very well-known Surrey player and had received the Leopard award.

Obviously our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this sad time.

We are also sad to say Tony Taylor passed away recently. If you knew Tony please come into the Club on Thursday 29th October at 1.00 pm.  You are invited to raise your glass to his memory. Please speak to Norman.


President's Report

Hi everybody.  How disappointing this new review has been, we were doing so well with plenty of you enjoying the bowling, lunches and a tipple too.  This has been a tonic for us, bringing the colour back into our cheeks and being able to chat like the old days.  It was a pleasure to see you all enjoying the freedom.  We, as a Board, are doing our very best to give you as much as we can to keep you happy 😃 keeping within the legislation laid out.  Let’s hope this will be a short deviation for us.

The bookings are coming in quite well, but please realise Tuesday morning has now changed.  Being in Tier 2 now and our rink spaces so limited we have had to let Carshalton know that we are unable to accommodate them at the moment.  You can guess they were very disappointed, but space is precious for Croydon Members.  Please continue ringing me for bookings (0208 657 7916) but not after 9.00 pm.  Thanks.

I would like to thank you all for your patience and that you are acknowledging we are doing our very best to keep you sane.

We are all working hard but I would like to thank Yvonne and Alan for their Social Doos!!!  Sam for her meals and Norman for our tipples.  A bit of sanity around us.

Keep smiling everyone we’ve got each other and it cannot go on forever.


Bowls Director’s Report 20.10.20

Dear Members,

It’s only a few days since I last wrote to you all explaining how our club could stay open under the Tier 2 regulations. It’s to early to say all is running smoothly, yet so far the booking system is working and members are bowling. We are in uncharted waters, yet we are still afloat and moving forward in a safe and orderly manner. We still need your support to keep the club functioning. 

We know only a limited number can bowl at any session so why not arrive early and enjoy lunch or a cuppa in the restaurant or a drink or two at the Bar, both are still open, and seating has been set out to keep us all safe, while relaxing before or after a roll up.

The Club as always can only run with the support of all members, our countries leaders said “we are in a war bur unlike most wars we cannot see the enemy”

It’s true yet we forget sometimes the importance of carrying on, keeping the club open enjoying all the facilities on offer, while keeping safe. Please keep to the guidelines set out and enjoy a trip to your club see friends have a drink or meal and even a roll up.  Then we can all look to tomorrow, the day we reopen and go back to normal.. 

Thank you all for your continued support.

Paul Baker
Bowls Director


Bowling changes 18.10.20

  1. Only players who have booked a rink via Daphne Lye (0208 657 7916) will be allowed to bowl.
  2. All six rinks are available.
  3. Only a couple or bubble from the same household may play on the same Rink.
  4. All other players may roll up as an individual on a rink. They CANNOT roll up with another member.
  5. Members are asked NOT to interact with members on a different rink.
  6. Masks/Shields must be worn as soon as a member enters the club and can only be removed when on the Rink.
  7. NO matches, leagues, competitions, or drives are allowed until further notice. By keeping to the rules, the club can stay open and we can all stay safe.

The Bar and Restaurant will remain open but please keep to the revised seating arrangements. 

You should only sit with your own household or bubble, or singly. Table service will remain in operation  please wait patiently to be served. 

Masks or shields may be removed when seated only if you are seated in order to eat or drink.

The Board of Directors

Green Steward’s Duties (Covid times)

Green Steward’s Duties (Covid times)

Session times. 

  • 1st  10:00 till 12:00 
  • 2nd 13:00 till 15:00
  • 3rd 15:30 till 17:30 
  • 4th 18:00 till 21:30


Green Stewards should:

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session in order to carry out the following: o Air the bowls hall by turning fans to full power for 15 minutes then set fans to play settings after o Check that mats and jacks, previously sanitised, are ready for collection along with scorecards o Check tables and chairs have been sanitised o Using rink bookings list, allocate rinks o As bowlers arrive check/add names on booking list 

o Check any person entering the bowls hall is wearing a face covering o Collect green fees

  • During the playing session: o Check that all bowlers on booking list have signed in o Encourage all to be Covid-19 Secure. Individuals are only allowed to remove face coverings for:
  • Singles and pairs play on the rink, bowling with 2 metre social distancing in place • Due to a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability
    • Check that all bowlers playing triples or rinks wear a face covering to reduce the risk of transmission.
    • Ensure that the number of people in the bowls hall does not exceed 30
  • After the playing session:
    • Ensure that mats and jacks are returned to the cleaning area o Sanitise all the equipment and dry in the designated space o Clear tables and sanitise table tops and chair tops o Leave bowls hall clean and tidy for the next session

Green Stewards are responsible for the smooth running of the session  and are expected to inform the Senior Green Steward if any difficulties arise.

Luke Griffin


Ladies Leagues Results for 2019/20

Flower  League   1st Pansies     Runner up  Sweet Peas

Fours  League     1st Humphreys  Runner up  Cameos

Well done to the teams members. The Captain should be seeing you with your prize money.

Chris Uphill
Assistant League Secretary


It is such a shame that we are once again having to restrict our Bowling, just as we were putting into place what we had planned to do.

Vice-Captain Jane and I arranged a Mixed Drive to challenge each other on Friday 16th October. It was well supported with 22 players – I regret to say that my team lost – so well done Jane’s team. I won’t mention the score!! Thank you to everyone who came to play. We were planning to have this drive every Friday where the diary allowed but that will now be on hold. We will resume as soon as we are allowed to start up again.

I would like to say ‘thank you’ to Marion who has put a lot of work into running a Mixed Halloween Drive planned for October 31st which sadly can’t go ahead. She has another planned for Xmas but we will have to wait and see if things improve.

On behalf of the Ladies Indoor Committee I would like to thank the Board Members for the work that they have done to make our club ‘Safe’ for us, and at least we can Bowl within the permitted guidelines (don’t forget you have to book a rink by phoning Daphne) and come along for a drink in the bar to support Norman and support Sam in the restaurant for tea/coffee/snacks/food.

I hope that next month the news will be a little better.

Stay safe everyone – remember – HANDS/FACE/SPACE

Kay Cadd
Ladies Indoor Captain

Saturday Aggregate Drive

This started well but now as gone on a short holiday break. When we restart it will resume at 12.30pm.

If there is a match in the afternoon the Aggregate will start at 11.00am to allow for a change over period. I would like to apologies to those who came on the 17th and found the club closed. I will be collecting your email address so I can easily let you know of any closures in future.

Take Care

Chris Uphill

Men’s Indoor Section

You do not need me to remind you that we are in difficult times trying to combat this dreadful virus and so, I must start this report by thanking the Board of Directors and the many helpers who have made our club a safe environment for us to continue with restricted bowling. 

The current situation is changing on a regular basis due to government directives and this report maybe out of date by the time it is published.

Peter Duncan, our Match Secretary, has already arranged a number of mixed friendly  fixtures between now and the end of the year, all these fixtures are 4 triples and will be played on rinks 1, 3, 4 & 6, unfortunately given the governments new directive it maybe some little time before we see these matches take place.

David Blackburn, our league Secretary, is currently working on our internal leagues and Wayne Kavanagh is assisting him by contacting the various league Captains to see if they are entering teams. All the teams will consist of a maximum of 8 players per team. 

It is anticipated that we will run the men’s afternoon and evening leagues and the mixed Tuesday evening league, at the moment we are unsure regarding the Friday afternoon triples league, again this has been put on hold due to the new government directive.

No decision has yet been reached regarding the Surrey men’s league, it is hoped that it will start in January and there are a number of proposals for the County to discuss regarding the format etc.

We had also hoped to run club and County Competitions, so please read our Competition Secretary Allen Banks report for the up to date info.

So at the moment bowls is alive, a little different to what we’ve been used too and a number of our close neighbours have temporarily closed their doors. but we are open with restrictions and that is down to a band of people who have worked hard to ensure we have some bowls to play, the Board, the Men’s and Ladies outdoor and indoor committees, the Bowls committee and the Bar and Catering Committee, our green keeper Steve, and all the volunteers who should have our thanks, not our moans because of the restrictions.

Bill Hudson
Men’s Indoor Captain

Men’s Indoor Section

Competition Update:

It is with great thanks to the Board of Directors of CBC and all of those members that have given of their time in making the club look so warm and inviting in these difficult times. 

Personally to come back into CBC for the indoor season and walk into see Norman Winford behind a Perspex screen made me think I was at the cinema watching ‘Ice Station Zebra’ starring Rock Hudson.

Really great to see the restaurant open and even better smiling faces to greet us returning athletes. Good luck Sam and all your staff and please have some fun whilst working with your new customers.  With my Competition Secretary’s news and views please read information as below?

  1. Having achieved semi-final stage in all disciplines of the men’s internal club competitions last season 2019/2020 the decision of the men’s committee is that due to Covid 19 rules and regulations continually being changed and updated we should proceed no further.
  2. Your committee met and discussed the competition situation and it was felt by all that due to the absence this present season of several established club members the opportunity of playing these competitions to a conclusion was not possible.
  3. Last year’s entrance money for club competitions is held and ring fenced within CBC’s Bank Account and as to what will happen with these funds will be discussed at a future men’s indoor section AGM, whenever that is deemed safe and possible.
  4. Entry forms for this year’s Men’s Internal Competitions will hopefully be out and about early November and with ‘Covid’ rules and regulations allowing it is hoped to start these disciplines in the first week of January 2021.

As I am sure you’re all aware the EIBA Nationals are cancelled complete for this year and includes the Denny Cup, Over 60’s Double Rink, Champion of Champions and all personal entries. Those of you that asked for entry refunds within the requested time frame will be credited as soon as the monies are received by CBC. Others will automatically be entered into National Competitions for next season of which more information will follow once received.

The Surrey County Indoor Men’s Competitions are hoped to be run this season. There will be six club entrants in Championship Singles, Pairs & Triples and these will be paid for this season by the participating club members. There will be Individual entries in Over 60 Singles and Mixed Pairs and I will keep you all informed via the Clubs Newsletter and Web-Site with any and all updates.

 L&SCBA cancelled all competitions this season due to ‘Covid 19’. 

If anyone has any questions at all relating to club indoor competitions please speak to me?

Allen Banks
Men’s Indoor Competition Secretary

Bar and Catering


Well done Noman!!!


Hi all,

Hope you are all keeping well in these strange times! The Restaurant and Bar are open as normal, even though the Bowling has been restricted. I’ve had a shuffle round of chairs and tables, but we can still sit 28 in the restaurant with social distancing in place.

Specials are offered on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Tuesday 27th                                              Wednesday 28th                          Thursday 29th

Chilli con Carne and Rice                           Fish, Chips & peas                          Mince & Onion Pie

Monday and Fridays you can order anything from the Daily Menu.

No need to book during the week, just come down for some lunch or a cuppa and a natter!

As bowls matches are now on hold, we will be offering a Roast Dinner most Sundays,  please book with Alan Hart 0777 2022156.

Thank you for all the support up to now, I really appreciate it. Please continue to come in, we are very safely set up, no need to stay away.

Well done Sam!!! – I am sure all of you who have attended the Club over the last month will recognise the valiant efforts of our caterer – many of you have taken advantage of her “special” lunch time menus and enjoyed the tasty Sunday lunches – not to mention the fish & chips “quiz” meal and the “bingo” ploughman’s feast!!

Sam also organised a wonderful cream tea with prosecco (sponsored by one of our members) and served by our very own butler. Watch out for the next tea – and if you miss it – put your names down for future dates…… See Sam!!!

The next Cream tea in the restaurant will be on Friday 20th November at 2.00 pm        £12.00  –  payable to Sam Put your names down NOW!!!

Social Report

We have been overwhelmed by the success of the events we have managed to put on over the last month – bookings for all events are going like hot cakes. Obviously we have had to limit the numbers, the organisation of this goes to Alan – he has been sending out invites with table allocations etc. and we have been very successful in making sure all events are ultra-safe for our members. Our caterer, Sam, has done a stupendous job with the catering (under some difficult circumstances) and our thanks go to her and her helpers, also hanks for the support we get from Norman and his volunteers.

Thanks must also go to the supporters of our raffles, all proceeds for these go directly to your Club. Raffles are usually included in the price of tickets now (to avoid the handling of cash). But we still aim to give you value for money, especially if you are a social member – the best way to participate and support your Club if you don’t bowl. If you bring your friends to our events make sure they are aware of the benefits of becoming a member – just over £3 a month!!! JOIN NOW.

Please look at the forthcoming events list which follows – don’t miss out on our great offers and entertainment.

Just to show we do listen to you!!!!  Some members have requested that the QUIZ food be served earlier than half time – so we are now seating at 6.30 for 7.00 pm and you will be served food when you are seated. 

Please also note – if you cannot attend after you have given your name in PLEASE let Alan know as soon as possible, there are waiting lists and it is so frustrating when we are let down!!!

Alan /Yvonne


£100                       Chris McCarthy
£ 70                         Jackie Barlow
£ 30                        Doug Walsh



We are really sorry some of the events have had to be postponed or cancelled.

“Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible” (we sincerely hope)

Sat. 24th                Cancelled  (match against King George’s Field)
Sunday 25th         Lunch (Roast Chicken)  £13 & £15 (non-members) incl. raffle   2.00 pm                                               
Wed. 28th             Cancelled (match against Shirley Park)

Sat. 31st               



Cancelled (Halloween Fun drive)
Sunday 1st            Lunch (Roast Beef)
Friday 6th              QUIZ      with ham salad                £12.00  incl. raffle          6.30 for 7.00 pm
Sunday 8th            Lunch (Roast Pork)
Friday 13th            QUIZ      with jacket pot & salad    £12.00 incl. raffle         6.30 for 7.00 pm
Sat. 14th                Cancelled (match against Carshalton Beeches)
Sunday 15th         Lunch (Roast Chicken)                   £13 & £15 (non-members) incl. raffle           2.00 pm 
Friday 20th            Afternoon tea & Prosecco in the Restaurant        £12.00                 2.00 pm
Friday 27th            QUIZ   with Ploughmans                £12 .00  incl. raffle         6.30 for 7.00pm
Sunday 29th         Lunch (Roast Beef)          £13 & £15 (non-members) incl. raffle   2.00 pm    

Events – please book with Alan Hart 0777 2022 156 Afternoon Tea – See Sam in the Restaurant

Don’t forget to phone Daphne for roll up bookings!

If you book an event, please let Alan know if you are unable to attend  you may be stopping others from booking


You all know that this Club could not function without the band of volunteers we have.

Unfortunately it is the same people who give their time.

 CAN YOU HELP US?  We are looking for:

  1. A “working party” organiser who can recruit volunteers to undertake small repairs, maintenance etc.
  2. Working parties Volunteers as and when needed.
  3. Bar staff to man the bar when Norman is “off duty”
  4. Green Stewards to help implement the regulations             needed to allow the Club to remain open and safe

Please speak to any of the Board Members

We have done 4 Car Boot Sales during lockdown and raised  £332.50 for the Club (pitch fees were £43). Favourite Venue was Warlingham Rugby Club and we will return there in May 2021.

I hope sometime in the future to be able to reopen the Sales Table.   In the meantime I am still happy to receive any donations you may have – but please do not leave them unattended at the Club.   Telephone me and I will meet you. I can then put the items safely away. Sadly there will not be an Xmas Bazaar but  let’s work towards a bumper event In 2021.

Marion Branch – Mobile 07743587626

Pat requested his Church to check if they played bowls in Heaven.

After a week the Priest approached Pat with the answer.

He said, “I have good news and bad news”.

Pat said, “Tell me the good news first”.

The Priest said, “The good news is that they do play bowls in Heaven”.

“What’s the bad news?” said Pat.

The Priest said, “Well Pat, the word is out that your name is down for the pairs next Saturday”.


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