Newsletter – September 2020

It is with great sadness that Croydon Bowling Club have to report the passing of Dennis Francis.

Den was a long time ‘gentleman’ of the club both indoors and out. He was also a member of Norbury BC and the Banks Bowling Association. He was a very accomplished bowler representing the club at both National, County and Surrey league level. Den was also a past Surrey County Indoor President and represented the County in National Competitions. Dennis will be sadly missed by all at Croydon, Surrey and the wider bowling community. The club sends it sincere condolences to Den’s Wife and family.  R.I.P


This will take place at the north East Surrey Crematorium, Garth Road on

Tuesday 29th September at 13.20

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, attendance at the service is by invitation only.

However, it has been suggested that those wishing to pay their respects should form a guard of honour starting at the entrance to the crematorium and continue along the path inside the gates. No one can go anywhere near the actual building and everyone will have to vacate the area immediately after the hearse has passed by. Dennis’ wife Sheila has asked that if anyone wishes to attend would they wear bowls uniform so that she can identify them.

Rick Long

President's Report

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all members who have played indoors since 1st September, and congratulate you all for adhering to the rules we set out, restrictive, but very necessary, and being so jolly about it.

Friendly chat in the bar and restaurant is heart-warming and looks just like the old Croydon, even though we are still in this awful Covid. Keep up this positive attitude and we’ll win this war.

New rules and regulations will be put into action in the next few days, so please keep your eyes peeled for Notices and Facebook and Website. Thankyou.

Finally, I, on behalf of myself, the Board and Members thank Ken and Heather Hedger for their £500.00 donation to the Club. It is so kind of you both and much appreciated. Ken was the Company Secretary for 11 years and Heather, Chairwoman of the Social Section for the same amount of time.  It is a pleasure to see you both still bowling and may it continue.

Until the next time…..HAPPY BOWLING TO YOU ALL.


Indoor Ladies

The Ladies Indoor Committee met for our first meeting on 15th September to prepare for the start of the season in October, when we welcome all those returning from outdoor clubs and ladies who have played outdoors at Croydon throughout the glorious weather that we were blessed with.

Due to the pandemic and the restrictions that we have all had to follow and which continues for the time being, Ladies Matches are not anticipated to resume until the New Year, unless the guidelines change.

The Leagues are due to start in mid/late October once the numbers are known and which Leagues have enough members in their teams.



Sheets will be put up on the board to sign up to play. MAXIMUM OF 30 people in the hall (spectators are included in that total). Marion Branch has offered to organise the drives.

Mixed Saturday Aggregate – Starting on SATURDAY 3rd OCTOBER at 12.3O.

Chris Uphill has kindly agreed to continue to organise this.


Please watch the notice boards for dates of these Friday Drives and sign up to play.

 Jane and I will be challenging each other and our teams.


Jane Seymour, our Vice Captain is going to organise friendly competitions which will be similar to the ones which took place outdoors throughout the summer. They are not the official Club Competitions which are organised by our Competition Secretary Sue Lammas.

I am very grateful to all the members of the Committee who give so much of their time and the support that they give to me.

Finally as we haven’t been able to have an AGM I would like to thank Daphne, who has been our Captain for several years. I ‘think’ she was relieved when I offered to do it this season!

I also want to thank Gill Harrisson and Chris Kingston-Lynch who are leaving us to go and live at the coast. Both of them have given so much to Croydon Bowls Club for which we are very grateful. We wish them ‘bon voyage’ and please don’t forget us.

Kay Cadd
Ladies Indoor Captain

Ladies Competitions

Having contacted all the ladies involved in the final stages of our competitions, I am pleased to say that we will be able to complete most of the outstanding matches, when it is the right time to do so.

This will of course depend on the ever-changing Covid situation.

Sue Lammas
Competition Secretary

Bowls Director's Report

So far the indoor bowling has gone well and social distancing has been kept to by most members. The outdoor Green closes on 27th September 2020.  The outdoor drawn pairs competition was won by Derek Fifield and Linda Webb, congratulations to both of you and to all who took part, it was a close run result until the last round.

We now hope to start a competition indoors on Friday afternoons, Tony Goucher will be organising the competition so do look out for the notice on the indoors board.

A reminder to you all that the club opening hours for bowling sessions are 10am – 9pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 10am -6pm Tuesday and 10am-12.30pm Saturday and Sunday. These times will change once we are in a position to start our indoor leagues.

Will team captains please confirm that they will be entering a team for this season. You can place a note in the box for David Blackburn or email him. or

September has been an encouraging start, especially when some people predicted “we would never open”. Thank you all for supporting the club at this time stay safe and enjoy your bowling.

Green Stewards

The club needs your help to take on green steward duties. Without the help of the members covering the green sessions we are going to struggle to keep the club open safely. This means that we would have to close the green when any session cannot be covered.

Duty of a green steward:

The duty of the steward is to make sure all mats and jacks are sanitised after every session. Fire doors are open and fans on full and facing across the rinks for 15 minutes. Once the fire doors are closed prior to the start of the next session the fans should be facing back up and on setting 1 during all sessions.

Sessions to be covered

The main sessions we need to cover are:

Monday to Friday              –             4.00 pm to 6.00 pm .
Saturday and Sunday       –             9:30 am to 12.00 am.

My proposal

I would like to propose that if a group could get together and cover a session so that they only have to do one session a month that would help a lot. I would like to ask that you try and cover a session that you would usually bowl in.

Can you let Luke Griffin (Chief Green Steward) know of any session that you can cover

as soon as possible please.

Many thanks

Luke Griffin
Chief Green Steward


Things were not getting done at the bowling club and the President read out the following at the meeting:-
“Once upon a time there were four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.
There was an important job to do and Everybody was asked to do it
Everybody was sure Somebody would do it.
Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it
Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody’s job
Everybody thought Anybody could do it but Nobody realised that Everybody wouldn’t do it.
And so Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.”

Green Director’s Report

As the end of a very unusual season arrives and the outdoor greens are now closing, it’s the time when our greenkeeper, Steve, has to really get to grips with the greens to ensure we get the same amazing greens we have come to expect. He will begin by scarifying the green to remove any thatch that has accumulated during the year. Next comes hollow tining, which entails using a machine which removes small plugs of earth. You may have seen some of these at the end of the green under the advertising board. Some of you may have taken some for your own gardens. Then the green has to be sprayed to remove any unwanted entities that may have arrived. The greens then are fertilized and finally seeded. This is only a short precis of the work that Steve carries out but I hope it gives you an idea of what has to be done before the weather breaks’. On behalf of all the members, I would like to thank Steve for all the hard work he does to keep our greens the envy of not only Surrey clubs but visiting clubs from around the country.

As far as the indoor green goes, we are doing everything we can to make the indoor environment Covid safe. We keep the air clean with the help of the fans and we also use a Fogging machine, which is a hand held machine which sprays a bug killing fog over the whole of the green, effectively killing any virus that may be in the hall together with all the other equipment that is in currently in use. We also spray the rest of the building, including the Bar, Restaurant and toilets to keep the whole building and you as safe as possible.

 I hope you will enjoy the coming indoor season and I look forward to seeing you all on the green.

Rick Long
Greens Director

Bar and Catering

Sam, our Restaurant Manager thanks everyone for making her so welcome at the Club, she is slowly getting to know your names – and preferences!

Sam has a few exciting initiatives coming up which she hopes you will enjoy – look out for afternoon teas (with prosecco!) on 9th October and 20th November. She has already been providing daily special lunches at very competitive prices. A number of our members are already taking advantage of these offers. So try it out!!! Our Covid safety precautions match any restaurant you are likely to find in Croydon and the food is superb.

With the new regulations (which came in this week) the restaurant and bar is restricted to table service only now.

So sit at your table and be waited upon !!!

There should be no-one standing at either counters waiting for service.
If Sam is not around – please ring the newly installed bell for attention before you sit down.

Norman can now offer 5 different draught beers, Carling, Fosters, Guinness, Strong Bow and Doom Bar.

We also have a  limited supply of bottles of Becks (275 ccl )@ £1.00 each and Cobra (330ccl)  @ £1.50 – in house or take away.



£ 12 per person

Pot of tea

Selection of finger sandwiches

Homemade scone served with butter, cream & jam

2 slices of cake

1 glass of Prosecco

(Book now with Sam     –      limited spaces)

Please note masks must be worn unless you are seated

(in all areas of the Bar and Restaurant)

 let’s keep everyone as safe as possible.

Social Club

We are planning several events over the next few months. Unfortunately we cannot book our groups, entertainers or most of the things we would normally be able to offer. HOWEVER we will continue with our Bingo and Quizzes and low key entertainment wherever possible. Be sure to book with Alan.

Sunday dinners are proving very popular and will continue for as long as you want them! We have a great selection of raffle prizes (all proceeds go to the Club funds) supplied by our intrepid scrounger Dave. Marion has also supplied some of your donations given to her to supplement these – Grateful thanks as always for any help in this region!

Look at the diary at the end of this newsletter – and watch for notices on the notice board in the foyer for upcoming events – and book early as places have to be limited.

All bookings must be made through Alan (to ensure compliable numbers) 0777 2022 156 .

Thanks to everyone for your support

Rick Long
Greens Director

200 Club

APRIL WINNERS                               MAY WINNERS                                 JUNE WINNERS

£100      Mike Howard                    £100      Chris Pullen                       £100      Carole Pullen

£ 70       John Hilton                        £70        Maggie Bennett               £ 70       Trevor Tedder

£ 30       Chris Pullen                       £30        Maggie Bennett               £ 30       Viv Rawlinson


JULY WINNERS                                  AUGUST WINNERS                          SEPTEMBER WINNERS

£100     Sue Whittesley                 £100     Brenda Rutt                        £100     Colin Kiddy

£70        Paul Lean                            £ 70       Maggie Bennett               £70        Paul Lean

£30        Jack Martin                        £ 30       Colin Kiddy                         £30        Pam Barnes       


Some people are just plain lucky    !!!!!!!



Sunday 27th                           Outdoor greens closed for winter

Sunday 27th                           Sunday Lunch in restaurant (fully booked) 2.00 pm



Friday 2nd                                              Bingo & Ploughman’s Supper 7.00 for 7.30 pm

Saturday 3rd                          Aggregate starts 12.30

Sunday 4th                                          Sunday Lunch in restaurant (fully booked) 2.00 pm

Friday 9th                                              Afternoon tea & Prosecco in the restaurant

Sunday 11th                          Surrey under 25s

Sunday 18th                          Sunday lunch in restaurant 2.00 pm

Wednesday 21st                  Mixed v Sutton & District

Friday 23rd                            Quiz 6.30 for 7.00pm (please note times)

Saturday 24th                        Mixed v King George’s Field

Sunday 25th                           Sunday lunch in restaurant 2.00 pm

Wednesday 28th                  Mixed triples v Shirley park

Saturday 31st                       Halloween mixed drive 2,00 pm



Friday 6th                               Quiz

Friday 13th                             Quiz

Sunday 15th                           Sunday lunch

Friday 20h                                            Afternoon tea & Prosecco in the restaurant

Friday 27th                             Quiz

Sunday 29th                          Sunday lunch


Following the Government’s announcement on Tuesday 22nd September 2020 advising that there will be new restrictions implemented for at least the next six months, the English Indoor Bowling Association, following a Board of Directors meeting today, wishes to advise it’s Clubs, County Associations and individual bowlers of the following.

All affiliated Indoor Bowls Clubs who have implemented COVID-19 secure protocols, based on the EIBA’s ‘Returning to Indoor Bowls’ guidance can continue to provide organised bowls sessions for members and visitors. However, from Thursday 24th September 2020 only up to 6 players per rink will be permitted. Multiple rinks in the club may be used, subject to appropriate social distancing measures, but players are not permitted to interact with the people on the next rink.

For clubs with bar and restaurant facilities, from Thursday 24th September these are only permitted to be open between the hours of 5am to 10pm with table service only. In addition. parties of up to six people are permitted per table and people are not permitted to interact with other people in the room.

The EIBA will be updating its ‘Returning to Indoor Bowls’ guidance and will re-issue over the next 24 hours.

National Competitions

With the implementation of stricter restrictions on people’s activities for the foreseeable future, the EIBA Board, whilst wanting to provide a National Competition programme, regrettably have made the following decisions:

  • The complete 2020-2021 National Competition programme is cancelled with immediate effect. All entries will automatically be placed into the 2021-2022 season. If any competitor does not wish for this to happen, please email so that this can be actioned.
  • The 2019-2020 National Finals scheduled due to take place in November 2020 will be postponed. With the cancellation of the 2020-2021 programme the EIBA wish to stage these finals in April 2021, when hopefully the COVID-19 situation has improved in order for all outstanding finals to be concluded.

The EIBA are appreciative of the support and understanding of all Competitors, Clubs and Counties during this difficult time and trust that they can understand the decisions made.


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